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    Client Patch 1.6.0

    • Improved new player experience (tutorial, menu structure).
    • Added new multiplayer bots.
    • Each quest slot can be rerolled once per day.
    • Visual improvements.


      Client Patch 1.6.1

      • Fixed a bug in the tutorial.


        Client Patch 1.7.0

        • Chain Strike: removed play token condition; next attack is always free.
        • Visual improvements.
        • Fixed: Stinger didn't work if the player started in the special class state.


          Client Patch 1.7.0 (content patch)

          • Visual improvements on tokens.
          • General UI improvements.
          • Practice Mode, Very Hard AI gold reward reduced from 1000 to 600 gold.
          • PvP Ranks reworked, all ranks have rating requirement adjusted.
          • PvP Ranks rewards adjusted.
          • Daily Quests, gold reward adjusted.
          • Arena games versus bots are available only for 200 gold ticket.
          • Various price adjustments for all items.
          • Vast of majority of trinkets now have 5 charges up from 3.
          • Old Messenger has 50% chance to draw a token up from 20%.
          • Cursed Ankh +1 main hand damage.
          • Book of the Dead +1 main hand and off-hand damage.
          • Shadow Crystal +5% evade chance bonus.
          • Weapon Master Relic +2 main hand weapon damage.
          • Morgana Veil, now reduce the cost by 1 AP down from 2 AP.
          • Penitent Chain +1 defense.
          • Penitent Razor +1 main hand damage.
          • Tribal Might +3 main hand damage while enraged down from +5.
          • All Vicious Axes -1 damage while enraged.
          • All Quick Swords +1 damage.
          • Poison Bottle +1 action points cap.
          • Smoke Bomb +2 magic damage bonus and +1 starting AP.
          • Marauder Band +50% critical hit chance bonus, up from 10%.
          • Merciful Fate +1 dot bonus and +1 starting AP.
          • Vorpal Blade +1 damage
          • Bear Claw +20% critical hit chance bonus, up from +10%.



            Patch 1.8.0

            • Introduced seasons for leaderboard play, Season 1 starting today.
            • All tokens and game tables, various visual improvements and optimizations.
            • UI and overall visual improvements, especially for mobile devices.

            • Berserker: Terrify moves a token back to the deck instead of destroying it
            • Berserker: Thor’s Hammer cost 7 AP up from 6 AP.
            • Berserker: Enrage gives +10% critical hit chance down from +20%.
            • Witch: Focused Mind have 50% chance to copy a token, up from 25%.

            • Tyrfing sword redesigned.
            • Rune of Power has +1 main-hand damage.
            • Witch Bottle trinket has 50% chance to avoid damage but only once per turn.
            • Light of Dawn, Fenrir Fang, Black Pearl and Morgana Vail trinkets effect occurs only once per turn.
            • Bear Claw axe gives +10% critical hit bonus down from +20%
            • Mithril Vicious Axe, Adamantium Vicious Axe and Thorium Vicious Axe have -1 damage and price adjustments.
            • Added new trinkets:
              • Shadow Sprite, Muscaria Brew, Peace of Mind, Blessed Ankh, Borrowed Time, Riptide Stone, Warmonger Talisman, Sylvan Fetish, Voodoo Doll, Chaos Crystal.


              Patch 1.9.0

              • Introduced visual and audio feedback for all actions during the game.
              • Tokens with special state reduced AP cost now display the cast cost rather the cost reduction.
              • Crusader: Mighty Blow cost 2 AP while in Last Stand.
              • Banshee Rod gain +10 magic damage, up from +5 magic damage
              • Foe Hammer effect cannot be dispelled anymore.
              • Majority of two-handed staffs got +1 base damage.
              • Added new trinkets: Martyr Cape and Radiant Relic
              • Fixed Bear Claw axe now properly gives +10% critical hit chance.


                Patch 1.10.0

                • New tutorial and rewards.
                • General graphics and UI improvements.
                • Starting equipment upgraded.
                • Practice missions rewards adjustments to new tutorial rewards.
                • Cruelty Perk ranks requirements lowered.

                • Berserker: Blood Bath token cost 3 AP up from 2 AP.

                • Added new items: Void Talisman, Night Essence, Golden Asp, Golden Chessman, Atlantean Sword.
                • The majority of two handed axes and swords have +1 base damage
                • Silver and Gold lucky coins improved.
                • Knights Bastion shield improved.
                • Peace of Mind cost 3 AP from 0 AP. (full resell price)
                • Various items prices adjustments and fixes.
                • Scutum and Centurion Scutum bonus applies until the end of the next turn.
                • Bug fixes: Exorcist Dagger and Veteran Hatchet won’t crash the game anymore.
                • New Store items: Starting War Chest, including: Recruit Longsword, Recruit Shield, Recruit Dirk, Recruit Hacker, Recruit Orb, Recruit Ring and Recruit Talisman.


                  Patch 1.120.0
                  • General UI improvements for mobile versions. Added buy and sell confirmation window.
                  • Introduced cosmetic skins for Berserker and Crusader, which can be found in store. A new button, appearance, in the character equipment tab will open the customize options menu.
                  • Added new items: Praetorian Scutum, Wyrm Scale, The Basher, Midnight Sun, Surtr Heavy Hand, Ethereal Blade and Wendigo Claw.
                  • Crusader Smasher, Sorcerer Dagger and Sorcerer Orb have 50% chance to trigger special state on critical hit, up from 30%.
                  • The Exorcist has 50% chance to trigger the effect, up from 30%.


                    Patch 1.130.0
                    • Introduced in game emotes.
                    • Overall UI improvements for mobile devices.
                    • Added four new 3100 rating bots.

                    • New Trinkets: Ragnarok Call and Rune Seer Talisman.
                    • New Off-hand: Heart of Steel and Defender tower shields.
                    • New Main-hand: Green Destiny and Brsingr swords.
                    • Midnight Sun shield got +2 magic damage and damage over time bonus.

                    • Hammer of Resilience have +5 damage bonus, up from +3.
                    • Tower of Resilience have +5% critical hit chance bonus.
                    • Dagger of Mastery gives +1 damage bonus, down from +2 and restore 1 AP on critical hit.
                    • Orb of Mastery reduce the cost of the next token played by 1 AP, down from 2 AP.
                    • Mark of Cruelty gives +5% critical hit bonus for every 25 HP missing, up from 30 HP.

                    Bugs fixed:
                    • Fixed equipment reset when loading the appearance menu.
                    • Parry icon glitch.
                    • Daily quests reroll display glitch.
                    • Enforcer mark crashing the game.


                      Hotfix released
                      • Void Talisman can be dispelled. This item can be resold for it's original gold cost until the next patch (no hard date on that yet).
                      • Relic of Dominator fixed so that it does not stack.


                        Patch 1.140.0

                        • The client now handles connectivity better. Network interruptions no longer prompt a loss as the client will restore a lost connection.

                        • New items:
                          • Dark Shepherd staff - Each time you parry, reflect 5 magic damage.
                          • Orb of Negation trinket - Remove your enemy special state until the end of his turn.
                          • Shard of Second Change trinket - When your hand is empty, fill it with 7 random tokens played this game. (once per turn)
                          • Battlemage Talisman trinket - Your two-handed weapon receives your magic damage bonus.
                        • Muzrub dagger cost 2 AP up from 1 AP and have +1 damage and restore +2 AP on critical hit.
                        • Golden Kopesh effect applies only this turn, but it needs 20 damage to activate, down from 30 damage.
                        • Quick Mithril Sword, Quick Adamantium Sword and Quick Thorium Sword effect applies only once per turn.
                        • Atlantean Sword have +1 damage.
                        • Green Destiny have +1 damage.


                          Patch 1.141.0
                          • Reconnect related bugs fixed.
                          • Added Gargoyle skins for Witch.
                          • New adaptive icon for android devices.
                          • Fixed a bug where Crystal Skull trinket effect was stacking.
                          • Scepter of Toth hammer effect can occur only once per turn.
                          • Gae Bulg staff effect changed to +1 damage for each token played.
                          • The Ulfberht sword has -1 damage and -5% critical hit chance.
                          *All affected items have full price resell value.


                            Patch 1.143.0

                            The Pirate class has landed! Our first new class since the game was launched, Pirate adds new strategies, new bots, an abundance of sea-worthy trinkets.

                            Additional notes:
                            • Arena rewards for real currency increased.
                            • Server stability improvements.
                            • Description texts for all items and tokens improved.
                            • General UI tweaks.
                            • New store items, bundles for the Pirate.
                            • Added new Pirate bots, from 100 to 3100 rating.
                            • Added a class-only sort filter in the inventory and shop.
                            • Fixed a bug regarding Wanderer items stacking.
                            • Fixed a bug regarding Shard of Second Chance. Now, you draw back to your hand only the tokens you played.
                            • Fixed a bug regarding Radiant Relic. Now, it should proc accordingly.
                            • Assassin's Disarm token cost 3 AP while in stealth, down from 5 AP.
                            • Friar Staff not triggering in mirror with match, fixed.
                            • Spirit Wolf Shield does not trigger on your turn, fixed.
                            • Light of Dawn, triggers only once per turn.
                            • All Stalker weapons now remove correctly the damage bonus when played.


                              Patch 1.144.0

                              • Pirate retaliate reworked, weapon damage can critical hit, but cannot be buffed, also, it can trigger only once per instance.
                              • Pirate AI improvements.
                              • Pirate tokens for other classes: gun is counted offhand and drunk effects won't count.
                              • Take Cover token fix, you can have two in play at the same time (one for each player).
                              • Ethereal Blade dagger fix, the buff can be dispelled now, and it counts on blackout.
                              • Crown of Thorns trinket now works proper, it gives damage for both weapons.
                              • Rusted Hook and Silver Hook hammers now work properly, effects always applying.
                              • Black Beard’s Blunderbuss works properly, always attacking twice per turn.
                              • Various achievements fix for android devices.
                              • Mulligan visual glitch fix.


                                Patch 1.145.0

                                • Added Assassin new cosmetic skins.

                                • Berserker Rage token allows 5 extra attacks per turn only.
                                • Crusader Defender token adds 5-10 defense, up from 2-6.

                                • Dragon Tail hammer redesigned.
                                • Seal of Judgement trinket adds +10 damage, up from +5.
                                • Shard of Second Chance draws 3 tokens played during the game. to your deck.
                                • Zealot Warhammer gains +3 damage for each buff, up from +2.
                                • Muscaria Brew, the bonus damage applies for the entire turn not only for the next attack.
                                • Durendal sword and Crusader Pavise shield fix, only direct healing tokens will benefit from the bonus.
                                • Low’s Blunderbuss cost 3 AP, up from 2 AP. (full resell price until next patch)
                                • Black Beard’s Blunderbuss deals 5, down from 7. (full resell price until next patch)
                                • Vane Flintlock reduces the enemy next attack damage by 3, up from 1.
                                • Sailing Master Flintlock has 15% critical hit chance, up from 10%.

                                • All staffs have +5% parry chance, +2 damage and +1 magic damage bonus.
                                • Added new items: Belaying Pin hammer, Possessed Cutlass sword, Storm Caller gun and the following trinkets: Iron Gut, False Colors, Hair Trigger, Extra Barrel and Fine Oaken Leg.