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    Client Patch 1.6.0

    • Improved new player experience (tutorial, menu structure).
    • Added new multiplayer bots.
    • Each quest slot can be rerolled once per day.
    • Visual improvements.


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      Client Patch 1.6.1

      • Fixed a bug in the tutorial.


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        Client Patch 1.7.0

        • Chain Strike: removed play token condition; next attack is always free.
        • Visual improvements.
        • Fixed: Stinger didn't work if the player started in the special class state.


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          Client Patch 1.7.0 (content patch)

          • Visual improvements on tokens.
          • General UI improvements.
          • Practice Mode, Very Hard AI gold reward reduced from 1000 to 600 gold.
          • PvP Ranks reworked, all ranks have rating requirement adjusted.
          • PvP Ranks rewards adjusted.
          • Daily Quests, gold reward adjusted.
          • Arena games versus bots are available only for 200 gold ticket.
          • Various price adjustments for all items.
          • Vast of majority of trinkets now have 5 charges up from 3.
          • Old Messenger has 50% chance to draw a token up from 20%.
          • Cursed Ankh +1 main hand damage.
          • Book of the Dead +1 main hand and off-hand damage.
          • Shadow Crystal +5% evade chance bonus.
          • Weapon Master Relic +2 main hand weapon damage.
          • Morgana Veil, now reduce the cost by 1 AP down from 2 AP.
          • Penitent Chain +1 defense.
          • Penitent Razor +1 main hand damage.
          • Tribal Might +3 main hand damage while enraged down from +5.
          • All Vicious Axes -1 damage while enraged.
          • All Quick Swords +1 damage.
          • Poison Bottle +1 action points cap.
          • Smoke Bomb +2 magic damage bonus and +1 starting AP.
          • Marauder Band +50% critical hit chance bonus, up from 10%.
          • Merciful Fate +1 dot bonus and +1 starting AP.
          • Vorpal Blade +1 damage
          • Bear Claw +20% critical hit chance bonus, up from +10%.


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            Patch 1.8.0

            • Introduced seasons for leaderboard play, Season 1 starting today.
            • All tokens and game tables, various visual improvements and optimizations.
            • UI and overall visual improvements, especially for mobile devices.

            • Berserker: Terrify moves a token back to the deck instead of destroying it
            • Berserker: Thor’s Hammer cost 7 AP up from 6 AP.
            • Berserker: Enrage gives +10% critical hit chance down from +20%.
            • Witch: Focused Mind have 50% chance to copy a token, up from 25%.

            • Tyrfing sword redesigned.
            • Rune of Power has +1 main-hand damage.
            • Witch Bottle trinket has 50% chance to avoid damage but only once per turn.
            • Light of Dawn, Fenrir Fang, Black Pearl and Morgana Vail trinkets effect occurs only once per turn.
            • Bear Claw axe gives +10% critical hit bonus down from +20%
            • Mithril Vicious Axe, Adamantium Vicious Axe and Thorium Vicious Axe have -1 damage and price adjustments.
            • Added new trinkets:
              • Shadow Sprite, Muscaria Brew, Peace of Mind, Blessed Ankh, Borrowed Time, Riptide Stone, Warmonger Talisman, Sylvan Fetish, Voodoo Doll, Chaos Crystal.


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              Patch 1.9.0

              • Introduced visual and audio feedback for all actions during the game.
              • Tokens with special state reduced AP cost now display the cast cost rather the cost reduction.
              • Crusader: Mighty Blow cost 2 AP while in Last Stand.
              • Banshee Rod gain +10 magic damage, up from +5 magic damage
              • Foe Hammer effect cannot be dispelled anymore.
              • Majority of two-handed staffs got +1 base damage.
              • Added new trinkets: Martyr Cape and Radiant Relic
              • Fixed Bear Claw axe now properly gives +10% critical hit chance.


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                Patch 1.10.0

                • New tutorial and rewards.
                • General graphics and UI improvements.
                • Starting equipment upgraded.
                • Practice missions rewards adjustments to new tutorial rewards.
                • Cruelty Perk ranks requirements lowered.

                • Berserker: Blood Bath token cost 3 AP up from 2 AP.

                • Added new items: Void Talisman, Night Essence, Golden Asp, Golden Chessman, Atlantean Sword.
                • The majority of two handed axes and swords have +1 base damage
                • Silver and Gold lucky coins improved.
                • Knights Bastion shield improved.
                • Peace of Mind cost 3 AP from 0 AP. (full resell price)
                • Various items prices adjustments and fixes.
                • Scutum and Centurion Scutum bonus applies until the end of the next turn.
                • Bug fixes: Exorcist Dagger and Veteran Hatchet won’t crash the game anymore.
                • New Store items: Starting War Chest, including: Recruit Longsword, Recruit Shield, Recruit Dirk, Recruit Hacker, Recruit Orb, Recruit Ring and Recruit Talisman.


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                  Patch 1.120.0
                  • General UI improvements for mobile versions. Added buy and sell confirmation window.
                  • Introduced cosmetic skins for Berserker and Crusader, which can be found in store. A new button, appearance, in the character equipment tab will open the customize options menu.
                  • Added new items: Praetorian Scutum, Wyrm Scale, The Basher, Midnight Sun, Surtr Heavy Hand, Ethereal Blade and Wendigo Claw.
                  • Crusader Smasher, Sorcerer Dagger and Sorcerer Orb have 50% chance to trigger special state on critical hit, up from 30%.
                  • The Exorcist has 50% chance to trigger the effect, up from 30%.


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                    Patch 1.130.0
                    • Introduced in game emotes.
                    • Overall UI improvements for mobile devices.
                    • Added four new 3100 rating bots.

                    • New Trinkets: Ragnarok Call and Rune Seer Talisman.
                    • New Off-hand: Heart of Steel and Defender tower shields.
                    • New Main-hand: Green Destiny and Brsingr swords.
                    • Midnight Sun shield got +2 magic damage and damage over time bonus.

                    • Hammer of Resilience have +5 damage bonus, up from +3.
                    • Tower of Resilience have +5% critical hit chance bonus.
                    • Dagger of Mastery gives +1 damage bonus, down from +2 and restore 1 AP on critical hit.
                    • Orb of Mastery reduce the cost of the next token played by 1 AP, down from 2 AP.
                    • Mark of Cruelty gives +5% critical hit bonus for every 25 HP missing, up from 30 HP.

                    Bugs fixed:
                    • Fixed equipment reset when loading the appearance menu.
                    • Parry icon glitch.
                    • Daily quests reroll display glitch.
                    • Enforcer mark crashing the game.


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                      Hotfix released
                      • Void Talisman can be dispelled. This item can be resold for it's original gold cost until the next patch (no hard date on that yet).
                      • Relic of Dominator fixed so that it does not stack.


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                        Patch 1.140.0

                        • The client now handles connectivity better. Network interruptions no longer prompt a loss as the client will restore a lost connection.

                        • New items:
                          • Dark Shepherd staff - Each time you parry, reflect 5 magic damage.
                          • Orb of Negation trinket - Remove your enemy special state until the end of his turn.
                          • Shard of Second Change trinket - When your hand is empty, fill it with 7 random tokens played this game. (once per turn)
                          • Battlemage Talisman trinket - Your two-handed weapon receives your magic damage bonus.
                        • Muzrub dagger cost 2 AP up from 1 AP and have +1 damage and restore +2 AP on critical hit.
                        • Golden Kopesh effect applies only this turn, but it needs 20 damage to activate, down from 30 damage.
                        • Quick Mithril Sword, Quick Adamantium Sword and Quick Thorium Sword effect applies only once per turn.
                        • Atlantean Sword have +1 damage.
                        • Green Destiny have +1 damage.


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                          Patch 1.141.0
                          • Reconnect related bugs fixed.
                          • Added Gargoyle skins for Witch.
                          • New adaptive icon for android devices.
                          • Fixed a bug where Crystal Skull trinket effect was stacking.
                          • Scepter of Toth hammer effect can occur only once per turn.
                          • Gae Bulg staff effect changed to +1 damage for each token played.
                          • The Ulfberht sword has -1 damage and -5% critical hit chance.
                          *All affected items have full price resell value.


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                            Patch 1.143.0

                            The Pirate class has landed! Our first new class since the game was launched, Pirate adds new strategies, new bots, an abundance of sea-worthy trinkets.

                            Additional notes:
                            • Arena rewards for real currency increased.
                            • Server stability improvements.
                            • Description texts for all items and tokens improved.
                            • General UI tweaks.
                            • New store items, bundles for the Pirate.
                            • Added new Pirate bots, from 100 to 3100 rating.
                            • Added a class-only sort filter in the inventory and shop.
                            • Fixed a bug regarding Wanderer items stacking.
                            • Fixed a bug regarding Shard of Second Chance. Now, you draw back to your hand only the tokens you played.
                            • Fixed a bug regarding Radiant Relic. Now, it should proc accordingly.
                            • Assassin's Disarm token cost 3 AP while in stealth, down from 5 AP.
                            • Friar Staff not triggering in mirror with match, fixed.
                            • Spirit Wolf Shield does not trigger on your turn, fixed.
                            • Light of Dawn, triggers only once per turn.
                            • All Stalker weapons now remove correctly the damage bonus when played.


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                              Patch 1.144.0

                              • Pirate retaliate reworked, weapon damage can critical hit, but cannot be buffed, also, it can trigger only once per instance.
                              • Pirate AI improvements.
                              • Pirate tokens for other classes: gun is counted offhand and drunk effects won't count.
                              • Take Cover token fix, you can have two in play at the same time (one for each player).
                              • Ethereal Blade dagger fix, the buff can be dispelled now, and it counts on blackout.
                              • Crown of Thorns trinket now works proper, it gives damage for both weapons.
                              • Rusted Hook and Silver Hook hammers now work properly, effects always applying.
                              • Black Beard’s Blunderbuss works properly, always attacking twice per turn.
                              • Various achievements fix for android devices.
                              • Mulligan visual glitch fix.


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                                Patch 1.145.0

                                • Added Assassin new cosmetic skins.

                                • Berserker Rage token allows 5 extra attacks per turn only.
                                • Crusader Defender token adds 5-10 defense, up from 2-6.

                                • Dragon Tail hammer redesigned.
                                • Seal of Judgement trinket adds +10 damage, up from +5.
                                • Shard of Second Chance draws 3 tokens played during the game. to your deck.
                                • Zealot Warhammer gains +3 damage for each buff, up from +2.
                                • Muscaria Brew, the bonus damage applies for the entire turn not only for the next attack.
                                • Durendal sword and Crusader Pavise shield fix, only direct healing tokens will benefit from the bonus.
                                • Low’s Blunderbuss cost 3 AP, up from 2 AP. (full resell price until next patch)
                                • Black Beard’s Blunderbuss deals 5, down from 7. (full resell price until next patch)
                                • Vane Flintlock reduces the enemy next attack damage by 3, up from 1.
                                • Sailing Master Flintlock has 15% critical hit chance, up from 10%.

                                • All staffs have +5% parry chance, +2 damage and +1 magic damage bonus.
                                • Added new items: Belaying Pin hammer, Possessed Cutlass sword, Storm Caller gun and the following trinkets: Iron Gut, False Colors, Hair Trigger, Extra Barrel and Fine Oaken Leg.