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    Data Patch

    • Shard of Second Chance effects triggers only once per game and gives back to your deck, 7 tokens played that game.
    • All Wanderer items draw 5 tokens, up from 2, but each time they trigger, you heal for 5 HP, down from 10 HP.
    • All items above have 100% resell price, until the next patch.


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      Patch 1.146.0
      • New Berserker portrait in store, the Shield Maiden.
      • New visual effects for all weapons attacks.
      • MMR has been adjusted. Wins will guarantee at least a 10 point gain in rating, while losses will cap at no more than a 35 point drop in rating.
      • Added visual feedback when enemy player hovers over their tokens on your turn.
      • Added 5 new trinkets: Fine Spyglass, Medusa Head, Sacred Texts, Rat King Mark and Mirror of Souls.
      • Banshee Rod magic damage bonus no longer stacks. (full resell price until next patch)
      • The following trinkets have had their starting AP bonus reduced by 1: Borrowed Parrot, Radiant Relic, Crystal Skull, Jar of Horus, Steel Hilt. (full resell price until next patch)


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        Data Patch

        All the affected items have full resell price until next patch.
        • Wyrm Scale shield has 5% critical hit chance, down from 10%.
        • Praetorium Scutum shield has 5% critical hit chance bonus, down from 10%.
        • Steel Hilt trinket got +1 main hand damage.
        • Muscaria Brew trinket has 5% critical hit chance bonus and got +1 magic and dot damage.
        • Borrowed Time trinket has 5% critical hit chance bonus and got +2 max AP from -1 max AP.
        • Medusa Head trinket has 5% critical hit chance bonus, down from 10%
        • Scepter of Toth warhammer has -1 critical effect value and it needs to deal 25+ damage in order to proc.


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          Patch 1.147.1
          • New RNG system, we introduced a bad luck protection algorithm, the game will distribute the rolls smoothly avoiding unfair streaks.
          • UI revamps (victory screen, all menus backgrounds)
          • More stats in victory screen: damage blocked (by shield or any other shield like effects) and damage avoided (parried attacks, evaded attacks)
          • Rune of Power trinket now has 2 damage and 2 defense, up from 1.
          • Golden Hook warhammer, bonus damage is applied for the next attack, instead of the current turn.
          • Vane Flintlock bug fixed, the bonus effect it won't stack if the damage its not dealt by this weapon.
          • Ice Blade sword bug fixed, after a disarm effect it won't be able to parry that turn.
          • Muscaria Brew trinket, the bonus damage is 3, up from 1.
          • New items: Privateer Flintlock, Titan’s Grip trinket.


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            Patch 1.148.0
            • Added in-game option for disabling the menu particles.
            • The Ring of Seventh Seal fixed, the bonus given is +1 perk level, as intended.
            • Fixed a bug that made the game crash, when the damage dealt had other sources except for player action. (shadow sprite trinket proc most often)


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              Data patch:
              • Sacred Text trinket applies only once per game, full resell price until next patch.
              • Eye of the Storm and Heart of the Storm, off-hand orbs, have a 20% chance to proc, down from 30%, full resell price until next patch.
              • Band of Cruelty arena trinket, have +1 main-hand damage bonus.
              • Mark of Cruelty arena trinket, have +1 off-hand damage bonus.
              • Axe of Cruelty arena main-hand weapon, have -1 damage.