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    Q: What kind of game is Ironbound?
    A: Ironbound is a turn-based strategy game for two players. Each player controls one character, and must use the character's weapons and spells to defeat the other player.

    Q: Is there character progression in the game?
    A: Players receive gold for winning matches, which can be used to buy better equipment or level up the characters. There are also perks which are unlocked and upgraded based on certain achievements, like winning 3 online games in a row; these perks add special abilities to the characters.

    Q: Are there different characters available?
    A: Each player has 4 different characters: Berserker, Crusader, Assassin and Witch. Each character has its own level, equipment and perks.

    Q: Can I have more than one character from a single class, for example two Berserkers?
    A: No, but you can freely change the equipment and perks for the characters at any time, so there's no reason to have more than one of each class.

    Q: Can I use the gold I gain with one character to upgrade another?
    A: Yes. The gold and inventory are shared between all the characters. The perks are also shared, so once you unlock a perk, you can use it on any character (but some do different things on different classes).

    Q: After I buy an item, can I use it on more than one character?
    A: Generally, yes. Some items have class restrictions, but if an item is usable by more than one class, you can equip it on all compatible characters at the same time.

    Q: What are the differences between classes?
    A: Each class has 15 spells, which are represented by tokens you can play during the game. Some spells occur more than once in your token set, so there are 30 tokens in total available for a game. A few spells are common between characters, but most are unique, so that's what gives the classes their personality. Each class also has a unique state which is triggered in a specific way (e.g. low health); the character gains some abilities while in this state.

    Q: Can you customize the token set?
    A: No. The tokens and number of times they occur in the set are fixed for each class. You can customize your characters by changing their equipment and active perk.

    Q: How does equipment work?
    A: Each character has 4 item slots: one main weapon, one off-hand weapon or shield, and two trinkets. Weapons are the primary way of dealing damage, but they can also have extra magical effects. Trinkets are either active (they perform an action when they are used explicitly), or passive (they give permanent bonuses or trigger some magical effects when certain conditions are met). There are hundreds of items in the game which can be combined in countless ways, resulting in many tactics and play styles.

    Q: Is there player-to-player trading?
    A: No. You can sell your items back to the shop, but you cannot trade with other players.

    Q: What game modes are available?
    A: You can play multiplayer matches (against other human players), or practice challenges against the AI. Furthermore, multiplayer has ranked, unranked and arena modes. Winning a ranked game gives you a gold reward and increases your multiplayer rating, but you will also lose rating if you are defeated. Unranked games don't affect your rating and have lower gold rewards. Arena is a separate mode where everyone uses one of a few predefined item sets, and rating doesn't matter. Perks can only be unlocked and upgraded through ranked matches.

    Q: Can I play offline?
    A: Currenly, no. An Internet connection is required even for practice challenges. In the future we will make it possible to play practice games offline, but they will not give rewards in that mode. The tablet versions have a "tarven mode" which works offline and allows two players to fight on the same device; this mode obviously doesn't give any rewards, either.

    Q: Is there a single player campaign?
    A: There are 20 single player challenges consisting of 5 AI opponents from each class. You can play each challenge as many times as you want, but you will only get a gold reward the first time you defeat a given challenge. Practice progress is tracked separately for each of your character classes, so playing these missions is a good way to boostrap a new character, before heading to multiplayer.

    Q: How does multiplayer matchmaking work?
    A: Each player has a multiplayer rating which increases or decreases based on the result of ranked matches. This rating is shown in-game, and also determines the player's position on the ladder. The matchmaker tries to find opponents with rating values that are close together. The same process and rating value are used for both ranked or unranked matches. Arena matchmaking works on a first-come, first-serve basis, regardless of rating, but identically equipped players will not be matched together.

    Q: Is matchmaking influenced by equipment or character level?
    A: No.

    Q: Isn't this a problem when switching to a new character?
    A: Only to a small extent. If you've built a high rating with one character, then switched to a new character, you'll be matched with strong players that will easily defeat your fresh character. However, since the inventory is shared, and levels are bought with gold just like items, you can use gold gained with the first character to make your new character competitive before playing your first game with it. You can also play practice missions with the new character to gain gold for upgrades, as the practice missions give better rewards than multiplayer.

    Q: Is cross-platform multiplayer supported?
    A: Yes. Everyone connects to the same server, regardless of platform or geographical region.

    Q: Is the a system of seasons for the multiplayer ladder?
    A: Yes. The state of the ladder will be frozen and saved periodically, and everyone's multiplayer rating will be reset. You will be able to see the top players and your own position on the ladder for previous seasons.

    Q: Is player progress lost when a new season starts?
    A: Your inventory, gold and character levels are not affected, but perks will be reset, because they are based on your multiplayer performance.

    Account and payments

    Q: Is Ironbound free to play?
    A: Yes. Everything which affects gameplay (items. characters, upgrades, perks) can be accessed without paying anything. You can purchase account upgrades to speed up your progress, but there is no exclusive game content for paying users.

    Q: Are account upgrades cross-platform?
    A: Yes. All purchases are tied to your account, so if you purchase an upgrade on one platform, it will be available on all devices where you use your account.

    Q: Are account upgrades priced differently on different platforms?
    A: No. We may have sales, promotional offers, bundles and so on only on some platforms, but except for those special circumstances, we'll keep the same price everywhere.

    Q: How does the gold booster work?
    A: While the booster is active, ranked victories will pay 300 gold instead of 100. The booster doesn't affect any other rewards (e.g. unranked victories, daily quests, arena earnings etc.).

    Q: Can I buy another booster while a temporary booster is already active?
    A: Yes. The new purchase will extend your boosted period, e.g. if you have 12 hours remaining on your current period and you buy the 1 Day booster, you will have 1 day and 12 hours.

    Q: Are there ads in the game?
    A: The mobile versions have optional video ads which you can watch to get gold rewards. There are no forced ads (banners, interstitials etc.).