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Golden Khopesh double damage before attack?

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    Golden Khopesh double damage before attack?

    In a short word: the Golden Khopesh double all attack value before the attack rather than the value at the active point.

    In Ironbound, there are quite some effects related to double damage, like Overpower and Ambush. Their descriptions say "Double current damage instead(.. for the next attack)"(Ambush) or "Double your damage for the next attack"(Overpower). They will double the attack value at the active point. After playing these two tokens, the attack value on the weapon will become twice as before, but any buff played afterwards won't gain the doubling. That's why you should play buffs before Overpower/Ambush.

    But today in a game vs Steppenvat's Golden Khopesh Assassin, after the Golden Khopesh triggered, the attack value on weapon wasn't changed by the buff. Instead, the doubling is done before the attack, like the Mastery of Berserker but for all attack value. This means any buffs played after still get doubled. The description of Golden Khopesh says "double your damage for its next attack". Should the description be "double your damage before its next attack"? Or should it work just like Overpower/Ambush?

    Thanks, I've seen something odd with this, too. I am sharing your report with the developers.