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Retilate with Gun broken?

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  • Retilate with Gun broken?

    Or is it intended that it doesnt recive bonusses from buffs and trinkets?
    Crussaders may retilade with full Defense Bonus.
    Dont know about other weapons.

    But this way i cant see a Pirate in the top rates.

    Best weapon has 10 dmg. Times 0.3 thats 3,3 Damage in Average. U also need like 5 Rounds to get drunk with almost no defense abilitys.

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    Hmm, I have a question, how it works when the opponent is missed? And my test shows that spell damage does proc. (not sure about other magic damage)


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      What's more, bottle of rum seems to increase only "to" 50% instead of 80% as statement, cuz the retailiate often no proc when I had the buff and drunken.


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        Bottle of Rum has been working fine for me.

        Gun gets its base damage to retaliate. Pirates pump out a lot of damage as is. Giving them the buffs would slide them from maybe OP to OP imo.


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          The Truth of it, is that the Pirate needing a little nerfing; as the devs have seen fit to execute a form of the aforementioned "nerf", in this latest patch. 01/05/19.
          What is peace, without war?


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            Ya, Pirate's ability to pump out mass damage from turn 1 on, without even dropping a token, is a bit too much imho.


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              Originally posted by David (Support) View Post
              Ya, Pirate's ability to pump out mass damage from turn 1 on, without even dropping a token, is a bit too much imho.
              Agreed! But that is about the setup with cruelty trinket with expensive parrot a gun wich can attack 2 times and a Sword wich can do the same if the gun crits.
              Start AP 4
              Damage 11 on both weapons and 3 to 4 Attacks equals 33 to 44 damage per Round wihout any Token! And the start AP will lead to round 1 (22 dmg) round 2 (33 dmg) Round 3 (33-44 Dmg)
              A Quick Strike Token at the Start means 36 Dmg on the first turn.
              Not to mention 2 Weapon Disable charges..

              That has nothing to do with retaliate.
              Its like nerfing every Crusaders Damage because the Healing is to high on a specific build.

              If u Balance a Game like this nerfing certain classes without focus on the real Problem u will end out with just 1 valuable setup for every class and everything else will end up failing all the Time.

              Lower the Damage on those double attack Weapons would have done the Job without nerfing all other Pirate Builds.

              Sure u can just make the best Builds for every class the most expensive and hope to make the most money out of it.
              But i wouldnt play such game for a long time because that would be boring.

              Comparing Black Beards Blunderbuss with other Offhand Weapons in the Game (or even Mainhand) and ull see the Problem.
              Same with the expensive Parrot and other trinkets.
              Its like having 2 Medals equiped. And the Kombination is just OP!

              Lower Blunderbuss dmg to 4
              Lower expensive Parrot dmg bonus to 1 for each main and Offhand.
              Result: 10 Mainhand 7 Offhand dmg leads to 24 to 34 Dmg per Round
              Stil strong but not OP without nerfing every other Pirate build in the Game.
              Instead give Pirate the bonus on retaliation like every other class gets it.

              The current class nerf did nothing exept forcing players to play the OP build.
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                I think pirate is underpowered against the best bots.