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Pirate vs Witch

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  • Pirate vs Witch

    Hi there,
    When witch stealing marooned token, he works like witch is drunk )

    1. When witch in focused mind using Marooned token he also heal witch although discription says "Drunk: Restore 15-20 HP"

    2. All guns Blazing token afect on the witch orb although discription says "+3 gun damage"
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    Yeah I've spotted the issue, too. In addition, black powder act also as drunken, not sure about mutiny, hot lead and explosive bullets.


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      This will be addressed. It's a design issue and not a bug. But it may be redesigned. I'm not sure where Gerula landed on that.


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        The fact that other classes can benefit from your tokens while u have to be drunk to benefit from them seems kind of odd to me.
        Either remove the prequisition for all classes or no benefit for non drunken classes.
        Pirate is the only class who only benefits from most of his tokens while being in his class special state.
        If every other class get those Benefits without this prequisite this makes Pirate tokens less usefull for the Pirate then to other classes.
        As a Pirate i dont benefit much from shield slam and defense increase tokens either.
        Drawing a treasure map token as a Pirate is much like a kick in the n**s anyway but thats another story