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Mirror of Soul ignore shield?

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    Mirror of Soul ignore shield?

    Recently added item quite unbalance:
    Mirror of soul magic damage deal right though shield and can not be missed?
    Also Medusa Head negative effect can be cleanse and never re-active that turn!

    New setup Durendal + Crusader Pavise + Mirror of soul + Radiant Relic is SUPER STRONG without a question. NO LUCK REQUIRED with 100% HEAL and DAMAGE at the same time.

    And Scepter of Toth neft to 25 damage! Radiant Relic should have that too

    When testing "Mirror of soul" on Witch :
    - Freezing blast : deal damage + MoS heal
    - Dark ritual / Magic missles / Immolate / Sorrow : all those tokens deal damage but MoS does not give any heal ??????
    - And for all heals of Witch, MoS does not give any damage ??????
    - When using "Blood Bath" copied from Berserker, MoS gives 5 heal ....

    WTF with this item ?????? Is it a joke / bug / or designed to be like that ?


      There was an update just in the last few hours to fix the witch tokens. I don't know if this trinket is stable yet.


        I'll follow up on it. Thanks.