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Sorcerer dagger bug

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  • Sorcerer dagger bug

    Sorcerer dagger is proccing focused mind even when you are critting with your offhand, yet the item says "each time you critical hit with this weapon" this bug just cost me a game because the witch was in focused mind all but a couple turns...gotta love that "true rng"


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    I've been using sorcerer dagger a lot in the past, and I chose it just because it lets you enter focused on each critical hit, main or offhand.

    I see now that text description has changed, hope it is not an other nerfed item but just a text error.



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      Sorcerer Orb is the same way. Text says this weapon, but in practice either weapon crit could count. They need aligned one way or the other.


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        I made few tests, but it seems to me that sorcerer dagger triggers on any critical, while sorcerer orb only on its own critical hits.

        Anyway, the 50% probability to enter focused combined to the 20% prob. to have critical, it's really almost zero... 1 goal over 10 tries? Maybe?

        I wish having more probability on this item, please let 50% raising, or let it apply to any weapon critical hit.

        Ask to much? :-)


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          I went and retested as well. You are correct and I had misremembered. Sorcerer's Orb works as the text states. I too think it should work like the dagger and both would then need a text update.