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Game crash after phone call

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  • Game crash after phone call

    Devs please... you made a phone game which is unokayable at phone? Everytime i okay the game and get a call, the connection is lost. I cant end my turn and if I quit the game and reconnect, the game cant find my ongoing match ... i’ve lost several matches because of this so so now i’m pissed off enough to register and complain...

    do something with this basic bug, cmob it a mobile game. Please dont lose more players because of lazy devs.

    thanks, t

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    They're not lazy. They're a team of two people. I'm guessing this is on iOS? It's a known issue, and not as easily addressed as one might assume. We try to address problems but are always considering priorities and resources. Calling devs lazy isn't going to spur people to action.


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      I’m done... I stucked with this bug several times noe, this game is not for phone, ot not for people with friends who call you... However i spent money for it, only will play when they can act like a dev team and vorrect frustrating bugs...