If you encounter a bug during a game session, please send us the client log file so we can reproduce and fix the problem. To save the log file to disk, open the options menu (the button with the two cogs on the left edge of the screen) and select "Report Bug". This log will be saved to a different location depending on your OS:
  • on Windows, the logs are located in c:\Users\<your user name>\Ironbound and are called report_timestamp.txt.
  • on Mac, they are under /Users/<your username>/Library/Application Support/Ironbound/data. Library is a hidden folder, so you will have to press cmd+shift+. to see it in Finder (press the shortcut again to turn off hidden folders).
The mobile version will try to send the log by email automatically, using the system's email client. If this fails, the log text is placed into the clipboard, so please paste it manually in the email client you're using and send it.

Please send this log file to mihnea@secretlevelgames.com, along with a description of the problem. A screenshot may also prove useful.