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    Does the AI scale its effectiveness based on the context? For example, AI Very Easy vs AI Expert, or a level 500 multiplayer bot vs a level 100?

    I ask because I'm not sure whether to report AI misfires for lower level bots. In this particular case, the AI Very Easy assassin played Ambush and Poison Blades back-to-back.

    Do you want to hear about these cases for the scrub bots?

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    Several times, I have seen the solo AI witch (including at expert level, I believe) kill herself with the indiscriminate use of Blood Pact. In other cases it didn't lead to direct suicide, but turned certain wins into certain losses.
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      All the AIs play the same. The only difference betweeen Very Easy and Expert is the gear and amount of HP.

      I know about the Blood Pact bug, but I haven't had time to look into it yet. For some reason, the Witch AI underestimates the amount of HP it will spend so it ends up killing itself or handing you the win, as you noticed.

      The bots are usually pretty good at maximizing the HP difference between them and you during a given turn. They lack any strategic thinking or understanding of the opponent's gear though, so it's easy to lure them into some traps. For example, they'll happily use Thor's Hammer or Shadow Pierce to remove a puny +1 damage buff, instead of keeping their dispel tokens to prevent you from building large multi-turn combos. Or, as you've already noticed, the Assassin will try to buff its evade even if you have a weapon that can't be evaded. We don't plan to address these limitations any time soon, since it would require a lot of work, and the focus of the game is on multiplayer. However, if you find obvious bugs like the thing with Blood Pact, please report them.

      Was the Assassin stealth when it played Ambush and Poison Blades?


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        Originally posted by Mihnea (Developer) View Post
        Was the Assassin stealth when it played Ambush and Poison Blades?
        I'm sorry, it would only be a guess.

        One thing that came up with the witch killing herself--I thought to create a bug report, but since the match was over there was no opportunity to do so that I could see. Perhaps if the "report a bug" button gets reworked it could have the option to create a report for the last match played. This could have some value not only for matches ending unexpectedly, but also for "on second thought" reports not made during a match.


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          Yeah, that button used to be there, but I disabled it temporarily due to a small problem. It's coming back soon.


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            Just guessing, but I wonder if a quick-and-dirty workaround for the Blood Pact issue is simply to mark it as "never play" for the AI. It's just crazy how much damage she can do to herself in a single turn.

            Is the token (when used correctly) intended to be a finisher? I've not figured out a use for it yet, and the only time I've played it was to just get it out of my hand. Is there a "best practice" for Blood Pact?


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              Blood Pact used to apply for the next turn, and then it was marked as "never play" for the AI, since multi-turn strategy is outside of the AI's current capability. We changed it to this turn because it was too weak, and then allowed the bots to play it, since in theory they should only do so if they can deal more damage than they take. When they get it right, they can be pretty devastating; I just need to fix the self-damage underestimation.

              As for the token itself, there are builds and contexts where it can be a finisher. If you have Spell Steal, Preparation and/or some trinkets which draw tokens, you can play 10-12 tokens in a turn. If you play Regenerate first, the self-damage isn't even that great. The downside is, of course, that if you don't kill your enemy, you've used up almost half your tokens so the exhaustion penalty is just around the corner.


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                Similar to the AI Assassin playing the Evade option of Recover when the opponent is immune to Evade (which I thought was reported here, but I guess it's somewhere else), an AI Berserker just took the 100% crit option of Heavy Blow when its opponent was immune to crits.