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non-trinket default gear also got the 1.0.11 price bump

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    non-trinket default gear also got the 1.0.11 price bump

    At least I assume it's a consequence of the across-the-board price increases. They are also no longer marked as "cannot be sold," and (contrary to my earlier conclusion) can in fact be sold. Is this as intended? If so, yea. Now just need to add the trinket.
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    I'm bumping this because I'm seeing some inconsistencies from one account to another re the default gear. The last couple of patch notes haven't mentioned the default gear at all, but there was some conversation in the forums about it earlier (preceding the 1.0.11 update):

    In 1.0.11, main-hand, off-hand, and shields "with magic bonuses" all received a price bump. It appeared that this was also applied to the default gear, although it may be completely unrelated for all I know. In any case, after 1.0.11--intentional or otherwise--default non-trinket gear could be sold, and re-bought. The gear was no longer tagged as "cannot be sold," and had a price attached to it.

    Without further information on this development, I pressed forward and sold all the default gear (except the trinket) across my various accounts. In all cases, in order to sell the default Steel Sword I needed to replace it with something else first (you can't sell gear that's equipped by any class, and every class must equip a main-hand--everything else is optional). For this, I chose the Thorium Sword--a nice upgrade, and it could be resold for full price (this is prior to 1.0.12, where not everything in the same price range behaved the same for resale).

    This meant that prior to 1.0.12 today, I had a Thorium Sword in inventory on all of my accounts, and a Steel Sword on (almost) none of them--although the Steel Sword was available and could be bought back from the Shop. After the update today, the Steel Sword is no longer available in the Shop.

    The exception is my witch Eruina. On that account the Steel Sword was kept in my inventory during the 1.0.12 update. After the update it is once again marked as "cannot be sold."

    I'm assuming that the ability to sell the default gear was a mistake in 1.0.11, and corrected in 1.0.12. However, I now have no Steel Sword available in the Shop and so can't repurchase it (which was my intent all along--once graduating past the Thorium Sword, it's cheaper to keep the Steel Sword as your base weapon on unused classes).

    Since the off-hand and shield gear is optional, I haven't looked into what happened with it since I never intended to buy it back. But I'm guessing it's the same story as the Steel Sword.

    So, that's my story. Sorry for the mess. Wasn't sure what was going on with the updates and the default gear, and still not. Any chance I can repurchase the Steel Sword on my accounts without one? As mentioned, I don't really care about the other default gear but if selling it was cheating, I'm happy to buy it all back as well. Well, happy probably isn't the right word, because I'd still like to be able to dump the default gear at will, but I'm okay with returning the gold.


      Yeah, a bit of over-zealous formula copy/pasting in Excel resulted in the starting kit having prices again in 1.0.11. Somehow I missed this thread entirely, so I didn't clarify the situation when it happened, sorry about that. We fixed it yesterday as you noticed, but this means that those items no longer appear in the shop, so you can't buy them back if you already sold them.

      I gave you back the steel sword on all the accounts (luckily, you were the only player who sold the kit). You can keep the gold.


        Thanks a bunch Mihnea, very much appreciated.