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    I know you're working on improving this, so just consider this another data point (I may add others along the way, if it's useful to you).

    My new assassin with a 132 rating and 125 HP, just got matched to Atheera with a 468 rating and 200 HP. Perhaps the algorithm is pushing extra hard to find a non-bot opponent, no matter the mismatch?

    As a consequence, there goes my 1-game winning streak. I had such high hopes.

    The matchmaker has 2 phases: narrow, where it looks for another player within +/- 100 rating points, and wide where the distance is +/- 500 points. Players stay in the narrow phase for 10 seconds and in the wide phase for 20 seconds. In order for a match to be made, both players must be inside each other's ranges. For example, a player with rating 650 which is currently in the wide phase can match with people between 150 and 1150; if another player with rating 200 is in the narrow phase, they won't match, because the second player accepts people between 100 and 300. When the second player moves to the wide phase, if the first player is still around, they will match. If a match cannot be found after the wide phase expires, a bot game is started.

    The range for the wide phase is a bit large right now because we want people to meet and test multiplayer. We'll most likely lower it at the end of the beta test. We'll also tweak the other system parameters, but we probably won't alter the algorithm.

    PS: there's also a bias which is applied to the match ranges if you're on a win streak of at least 3 games. Currently it's set to +25 points for each victory after the second, so if you're on a 5-win streak, the narrow phase becomes -25 / +175 points.