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Game kinda froze

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    Game kinda froze

    Uh oh.. while I was playing a token, something strange happened.
    Maybe I somehow "dropped" it (lost the click) by mistake?
    Anyway, the result was that such token returned to the lower part and become non-clickable.
    The worst issue, however, was that I couldn't also click on End Turn! Even waiting for it to expire didn't work O_o

    The game basically got stuck there and I had to close the program.
    And after restart, it registered the match as a defeat.. WTF
    Damn, I was totally winning and I was at my fifth streak!
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    We know about this bug, we'll try to get it fixed in the next client build.

    Please send log files to me at, so you don't need to edit them to make them fit as attachments on the forum.


      Well ok, but in that file I left the beginning and the last part with the bug.

      Anyway, this problem happened again, but this time during my opponent's turn.
      Maybe something triggers it after N matches?
      Btw, I never encountered this issue in the previous version.

      P.s: the weird thing is that there was a new token stuck right above my deck.

      EDIT: great, the game assigned the defeat again to me >: (
      Basically half of them are due to bugs..
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        The known bug most likely happens if you somehow manage to click on an item which is returning to the deck (for example, you dropped it outside of the playable area, or have canceled a split-choice token). It's been there for a few versions, but it happened seldom and I haven't been able to reproduce it reliably, so I postponed fixing it.

        The second problem you're describing sounds like a different bug. We've also seen that sometimes, the token animations are never marked as finished, although the token reaches its destination, and then the game just waits indefinitely; this might be what happened there. I'll also investigate this ASAP.