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    Viking Shield

    Playing the bot Ulf in multi. I saw his shield block many times without reflecting the promised 3-HP damage (although it did appear to work correctly once near the end). Sending the log.

    Where did you send the log? If you've sent it to, it will take a few hours until it reaches me, because that email goes to Travis, and he has to forward the log to me. Please send it to directly.


      Oops, okay, I'll resend them. You may want to update the sticky on how to send logs--it specifies which is what I've been using (since I can never remember and it's easy to check there).


        Updated the email, thanks.

        The shield reflected damage 9 times during the game, but there are two things which obscured it:

        1. You played your own shield, then attacked. The reflected damage was absorbed by your shield (and it broke). This happened 8 times. For example:

        Using item: Ardent Pavise.
        Using item: Gram.
            Shield absorbed 7 damage.
            Damage 6 to enemy.
            [b]Viking Shield: reflecting 1 damage.[/b] [i]- the reflect happened[/i]
            [b]Shield absorbed 3 damage.[/b] [i]- this is your shield absorbing the reflected damage, and being removed[/i]
            [b]Damage 0 to enemy.[/b] [i]- this line refers to you, as you took 0 damage from the reflect[/i]
        2. Your weapon has a 30% chance to ignore block. When that is triggered, Viking Shield obviously doesn't reflect anything. This happened 4 times during the game.

        You attacked 15 times; 2 times the opponent didn't have the shield up, and Gram triggered 4 times, leaving 9 hits to the shield. It indeed reflected damage 9 times, but 8 times it was absorbed by your own shield. That leaves precisely 1 reflect which actually did damage, and that's the one you saw.

        PS: I did find one bug, though. The shield says "reflecting 1 damage" in the combat log, instead of 3. I'm fixing that.


          Thanks Mihnea. The "reflecting 1 damage" did throw me off. Wasn't sure what was happening. Now I know!
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