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    Shadow Crystal

    My opponent had Shadow Crystal, a weapon base damage 6, +9 permanent bonus, a Corrosive Poison giving him -5 damage, the Shadow Crystal triggered and it gave him +15 damage, not +10. Why?

    And why does it include bonuses when weapons with similar wording don't (o am I misremembering again)?
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    So the value displayed on the weapon was 10, and Shadow Crystal made it 25 instead of 20? When something like this happens, please use the bug report button so I can replay the log and investigate, it's a bit difficult to figure out after the fact.

    The fact that Shadow Crystal doubles the current damage instead of the base damage may be a bit too strong, but Gerula has to say if we change it or not. I'll let him explain when he makes a decision.


      He had a reforged shadowfiend (base damage 6), it had gotten 9 +1 buffs, and he had a corrosive poison. So total damage listed was 10. Shadow Crystal triggered and he got +15 damage.

      I was just surprised because most such items would only double base damage (so give +6 in this case).

      I believe it was on turn 11 in the attached.
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        We had so many previous encounters with shadow crystal builds, i really dont know why is still like this. Obviously is OP, even more for its price. Double the current damage is out of the question for a passive item anyway, will fix it next patch.


          And just for consistency, was facing someone with Needle Poniard, a trinket that gave +1 damage, and when the Needle Poniard triggered it gained 8 damage, not 10. So none of these things appear to work the same way.