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  • Season-Statistics

    Hello Everybody

    After Season 2 it would be nice, if we could get some statistics from the past season and if possible even the change to season 1
    Some players have their own lists of people they played against but most of the time you think "all the players seems to play only 1-3 builds".
    To bring light into the darkness it would be fun to read, how the personal feelings would match the statistics.

    So my suggestions for statistics that where relevant:
    1. percentage of the played games divided by class
    2. percentage of most used perk
    3. listing of the top 10 items (together or for each type or better grouped by weapon, offhand, trinkets)
    4. A Hall of Fame, where you could see the top100 of the last seasons
    5. number of people who played the last season face off against the number of season 1
    6. number of people who reached the different "Ranks"

    I know, that not all would be possible, but some statistics would be nice.

    My personal feelings for playerbase above 2900 rating was
    1. 40% Witch, 30% Berserker, 20% Assassin, 10% Crusaders
    2. 70% Mastery, 20% Cruelty, 10% Resilience
    3. Longclaw, Muzrub, Heart/Eye of the Storm, Golden Kopesh, Reforged Thug Blade, The Ulfberth, Void Talisman, Szepter of Toth, Kelpie´s Eye, Medal of Cruelty III, Colossus Grip

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    Gerula (Developer) I don’t know that this can be pulled after the fact. I like this kind of info too. Maybe Gerula can think about it for season 3.


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      I disagree on number 3.
      Holy Wrath is clearly the most used trinket


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        For sure will have something like this for S3, good idea guys.


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          Hey Guys

          What happened with your annoucement for Season-Statistics?
          I thought there will be some great Details and Statistics of the past Season.

          I Hope they will come soon, until then i give the community a bit out of my expirience

          Click image for larger version  Name:	PlayedPVP.png Views:	1 Size:	17.0 KB ID:	117663

          This is my PVP-Statistic. It was a bit more then in the last seasons, but not that much like Daddadock or others ;-)
          i dropped 1 time from 3000+ rating to 1500 to get more PVP matches and two more times from 3100+ to 2500+

          Like all can see, Mastery-Perk is the way to go. As Crusader it was Cruelty. Those 2 pinked-serkers where without a perk, just started the game after season-refresh.

          Most Used Medals:
          Cruelty : 49 Times
          Mastery: 4 Times
          Resilience: 17 Times

          What was the most common builds?

          On Berskerer: Battlerage-Serkers (mostly with Ulfbert), and then there are those Longclaw-Serkers. At the end with the upgrade of Atlantean there where more of this Kind to smash down.
          On Assassin: Muzrub (until rework) & Kopesh (until rework), then Quick Thorium (until rework) and a mix out of other cool builds
          On Crusader: Toth-Saders. Even 2 Mastery-Saders used Toth
          On Witch: Muzrub (until rework), Foe Hammer & XY of the Storm, Gae-Bulg (until rework)

          I know, my statistics are not the same that you guys could bring up and like i said, i didn´t get that much pvp games. From the discord-chat i know there where more defender-crusaders with protector-armband, so it would be nice to get the big-data from the devs ;-)

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            Reconnect stole a lot of the development effort. Maybe for season 4?


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              Very interesting read, thanks Grymsh.