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Changing/Picking your class according to enemy

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    Originally posted by Earlomorton View Post
    Personally, I don't see much value in this, with only 5 characters. Now, as character counts increase I like the concept. One way to implement something like this would be to pick a second. Both players could see each other's second character type as well and both get to choose either character for the match without knowing which of the two the opponent picks . No visibility to gear, but maybe see perks?
    I would point out tho, the value added service from this implementation. Regardless of the small pool of characters we have for now, I believe this would make the whole play very much more competitive and fun. But of course, I don't expect this to happen any time soon as it will take a lot of work on the development team. One can dream


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      What I would suggest is a sideboard. Let a player designate 1 or 2 other items along with their build, and then once they see what the opponent is they can freely swap between what they have equipped and those items. That way you have some flexibility with out letting players simply choose whatever items screw over their opponent.


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        I like the sideboard idea and the second idea. Hopefully they will come soon!