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    Why does Rune of Power require two trinket slots? It feels like a fairly poor gain, 50% chance to heal on each critical hit received, to give up two slots. Red Witch Charm is a single slot and heals all hits received over 25 dmg. I think it'd be a much more useful item if it was a single slot with 30% chance to heal.

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    Good comparison with Red Witch Charm. Let's tag Gerula (Developer) so he sees this. He doesn't always reply, but I know he does read all these.


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      I can see it being OP in it's current state with cursed ankh, which may be why it is two slots; but it needs either a bigger boost to make it worth it, or a slight nerf and reduced to one slot IMO.


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        I was thinking about this some more and a potential solution could be to have 'handed' trinkets. Main hand only, off hand only, and either hand. Would allow for greater limitations on OP pairs, like MoC3 and VEP too. Could be confusing or complicated though.

        Alternatively, you could go simpler and get rid of the term Medal and have a Master class trinket with only one Master trinket can be equipped at a time. Or you could get crazy with it and introduce multiple trinket classes with only one trinket from any class that can be equipped. Some trinkets would have no class (not an SoSC joke I swear).

        No reason you couldn't extend item class to weapons and shields to limit certain trinket & weapon combos.
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