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Crusader Retaliation token needs work

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  • Crusader Retaliation token needs work

    This is meant to be the Crusader's ultimate spell, similar to the Witch's Dark Ritual. However, it is painfully easy to play around, either with a follow-up strike, or a damage-over-time effect, which will trigger at the start of the Crusader's turn. I'm all for having ways to raise the skill cap, but the Crusader has no offensive dispel effect; Retaliation is really the only way he has to discourage stacking buffs against him for a massive strike.

    The obvious solution is to make it use the largest hit in the last turn, rather than the most recent one. Alternatively, drop the cost to let the Crusader can dump the token cheaply so that it is not clogging up his hand.

    Edit: Follow-up idea - give Retaliate an alternate mode that reflects the next damage you receive. So if we see the Assassin winding up for the Backstab, or the Berzerker dropping Overpower, we can counter-play.
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    DoT doesn't count toward Retaliation, but I do like your thoughts about this, especially making it a next damage option. That would be vulnerable to dispell or again a small hit first (blackout, blood bath), and I think this would maintain game balance and intent.


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      I like the idea as well. It also makes more sense logically: a counter attack vs somehow reflecting a past attack. I do also agree it would probably be well balanced and more tactically interesting with no other changes.


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        That token and Crusade can be very underwhelming. Both can be awesome in last stand at the right moment, but it's like the stars aligning for it to happen.