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Sacred text trinket is broken

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  • RAFERS102
    Dillon Poston, I completely agree with you. It is a ridiculous zero skill trinket. All the people that use it should be downloading a bingo app or a game of snap. Although they are the snowflakes of the world. Can't imagine they face any challenge head on.

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  • Dillon Poston
    started a topic Sacred text trinket is broken

    Sacred text trinket is broken

    This trinket is ridiculously over powered and over used. Anytime I play someone with this trinket i get them below 50hp then they start playing every card they have and in a turn have full health again and I end up without a deck at that point. Then they just screw around with killing me. Anyone who uses this trinket your all copycats and it's kinda pathetic none of you can make your own build without sacred text. Every crusader pretty much has the same setup based on this trinket and I refuse to play these matches which makes me lose multiplayer score and if it keeps up like this for much longer I will quit this game completely. So Makingfun please look into this because I love this game but the people who use this trinket are rapidly ruining this game for me. Every other match is someone using sacred text and it's ridiculous. I can't play multiplayer because I can't win any matches since people figured out this trinket is broken.