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50% resale value of items inhibiting experimentation?

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    Originally posted by Dance View Post
    How about a "sandbox" mode where you gain nothing from your victories (so no gold or rank gained) but can select any equipment to use for free in the sandbox. It would allow you to try before you buy but still require you to earn the gold to buy equipment if you want to use it to earn rank etc.

    Also, I play on a phone with a very small screen and managed to accidentally buy a sword I didn't want the other day. How about allowing resale at full price for, say, 1 hour after purchase to avoid penalising people for accidentally pressing the "buy" button when they did not mean to do so!
    Then the devs should make the "buy" button larger then (I always play on my smartphone). And I don't mind with the current economy system in Ironbound.


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      Refunding an item at full price when its used for lets say less than 5-10 ranked games could be nice solution


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        They could let you "borrow" items. A catch? Not allowed to enter ranked games with these items. So only unranked games for testing

        That being said I don't think there's anything wrong with the current system. I started playing when the resale value was 25% and I was actually happy with it


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          As a newbie who's been playing only for the past two weeks or so, I absolutely agree with the sandbox idea. Not allowed for ranked games. No gold earned. Just plain ol testing out items. Once the player is happy with the set up, then that player can grind away until he or she is able to afford it for real. Problem solved.