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Player "Alslqhrdl" instant surrendering repeatedly

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  • Player "Alslqhrdl" instant surrendering repeatedly

    There is a player named Alslqhrdl (those are all lower-case ells, not capital eyes... but the only way to find out for sure was to read my debug log)... this player keeps surrendering immediately as soon as they can in the first turn.

    I don't think they are doing this against just me specifically, like you know when someone always drops the moment they see you because you beat them before. No, this happened the very first time I faced this player in battle and every time since then, so it's not about them losing to me before. It's been a total of at least three, maybe four times this has happened.

    Maybe they surrender to all Berserkers... or maybe they surrender as soon as they see an opponent who is a human. I don't know. Like a strategy?

    I thought I would never see this player again because surrendering is no way to rank up. I thought I would pass them up and leave them behind. But then after I gained 1K rank in a couple of days (currently I'm around 2500, last time I saw this opponent was around 1200-1400) this happened again, I was matched up with this player once again and they surrendered immediately again. And then in my ranking history window I see that they have risen to over 2600 during the same time period.

    So this player is definitely following some kind of strategy and rising, but their strat apparently includes instant surrender for ... I don't know what conditions. Like I said maybe they surrender to all humans or all 'zerkers or something. Weird.

    Anybody else seen this player? Are there more who insta-drop like that or is this a rare thing?

    Maybe it's someone who just wants to lose some of the time in order to keep their supply of gold flowing. But then they must not have mastered the Arena system in that case.

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    There's a potential strategy in losing to remove your winning streak - higher streak means you potentially can be matched with higher rating players: (I don't think it's been changed since, but I could be wrong)

    Some players do find the bots easier, so maybe that's the strategy...
    Eternium Files - links and details (Updated: 21 May 2019)

    Eternium Guides:


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      Thanks, Nhat , I had not found that thread before nor was I aware of that mechanic as part of the opponent matching algorithm. So that's at least one good explanation for what the player I saw was doing. I still wonder why the same person hasn't tried to beat me at least once, but it would make pretty good sense if they surrender to all 2-hander, Mastery Berserkers.


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        Thanks, I'll ask the devs to take a look.


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          Surrendering a bunch in the beginning of a season and then starting to play to win is a good way to get the resilience up to level 5, especially if you die against even people opponents. The game locks up a lot less against bots and if you get low enough all you typically get is bots. It is really hard to win more than 7 in a row if your game disconnects about 10 % of the time against people! And my game still locks up against people a bunch! The reconnecting sometimes helps, but one game I lost over 100 hp while disconnected!


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            I have also had players surrender to me immediately and when I started a new game they were my foe again so I surrendered to them immediately out of courtesy. I think they were just trying to help people.


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              If you play unranked games, surrendering immediately against a foe that takes a long time to kill doesn't hurt as much as playing 20 minutes for just 50 gold - if you win...


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                A lot of the top players are so done with SoSC builds that they will just surrender those matches instead of suffer through them. I do the same. I'm not interested in playing against wanderer/sosc token dumpers.


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                  Last Season i let myself dropp from 3k down to 100 two times to farm some gold at my way back to 3k.
                  Easy and fast wins at lower ratings wil give u much more Gold/time then facing 300HP bots and hard to beat players.
                  I winn most fights in 4 to 6 Turns at lower ratings.
                  Getting down to low rating takes some time too but playing a 30 turn mach at 3k rating and then loose will give u no reward either.

                  As long u dont get much more Gold per win in higher ranks it is the best way to gain gold for new gear.
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