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  • Fenrir Fang clarification

    Hi, relatively new player. Just bought Fenrir Fang, 10 battles in and I've yet to see a 4 AP Overpower token when my mastery perk triggers.

    Having said that I may be misunderstanding what a mastery perk is. I am currently running "Resilience LVL 5" that gives a chance to give me a blood bath token when I get crit hit. I thought any of the 3 works are mastery perks but I see the middle one is called mastery specifically. Have I misread how the Fenrir Fang works? Is Resilience not a mastery perk but just a perk?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hi there. You need to equip the mastery perk (or use a mastery medal).

    You have three perks available. You can select one of the three to take to battle. Cruelty, Resilience, or Mastery. Additionally, you can use a Medal trinket to essentially run two perks at once. In this case, you need to use the Mastery perk specifically in order to get the benefit. When enraged, you will have a 50% chance to add your base damage to any attack. Most players will agree that Mastery is Berserker's best perk. You can do massive damage (with heals involved, like Frenzy) in short time.

    When that Mastery perk triggers for the extra damage, you get that Fang token.


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      Thank you for the clarification.