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Another great game!!!

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    Another great game!!!

    Probably the best game of IronBound I have EVER played!! Glad to see neither of us was the better man.
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    That Crusader has a hard time against two-handed weapons. That axe hits hard when it crits.


      That was in my opinion not a particularly good build I was using, I always found two-handed weapon builds easier to defeat with crusaders due to the shield, the problem with mine was the blood bath tokens that took out your main shield.


        Try to take Cruelty as the perk and MoR3 as trinket; it give better results



          You are suggesting I replace my cruelty rank 3 pendant with a level 3-5 cruel perk and a MIRROR of RA?!


            MoR3 stand for Medal of Resilience 3




                I would be exchanging 2 more starting AP for +5 parry chance, not worth it.


                  You'd also get 5% more critical chance.


                    imho goal of the build is to generate BB tokens and use them to keep pressure on your enemy and MoR3 + Cruelty perk is better than MoC3 + Resilience because it's safer and more efficient.

                    Blood Moon effect implies that you have a % equal to your CritChance% each time you attack (that also mean you have to be attacking) and it is something you're in control of
                    In comparison Resilience effect implies that first you have to take an attack (wich mean hp loss since crits don't activate on parry) then this attack have to be a crit (meaning it's relient on your enemy weap Atk & CritChance) and only after those conditions are checked you get your % to gain your token, you have no control over that and some builds can kill wthout relying much on weap attacks.

                    It make Resilience overall less effective than Blood Moon towards the aforementioned goal of the build: generating BB tokens

                    Now with your setup you have 35%cc and 50% chance to activate Resilience wich mean than you rely more on taking damage and an overall less effective way to get your tokens + it is a bit counterproductive with parry. On top of that the +2 Off Hand given by MoC3 is useless for 2Handers (talk about the ap a bit later)

                    ​​​​​Mine is 40%cc & 40% chance for Resilience to activate
                    Implying I rely more on dealing damage (wich is always better than receiving) and an overall more effective way to generate my tokens while having 40% Resilience is still very good). On the + side successfull parry are less of a problem as taking crits aren't my best way to get my BB and the +5% parry (instead of +2 off hand) give a bit more edge when I have to be defensive
                    the 2ap aren't so much of a loss, as a 2Hander I can start on the defensive while building a bit of ap, not a problem for a Serker, late game both build gonna have the same anyway

                    That's why I think this version is better (it's just opinions though & to each his gameplay pref)

                    But (and that's from someone who don't really like the 2H playstyle) I do really like the Blood Moon build it's surely not the most powerful build around but he his pretty good & well balanced

                    Edit: against opponents relying heavily on numerous weap attacks with heavy crits or numerous disarm I do think your version is better
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                      Regarding AP bonuses while it's indeed great bonus types it's still pretty pointless if they aren't used effeciently

                      A good example would be the 1st turn:

                      Let's say we end up with no tokens at less than 4ap except maybe a chain strike > your +2ap is useless

                      Now let's say we have a burning will

                      Turn 1

                      Attack + burning will > you've efficiently used your bonus but you' re now open to enemy's retaliation

                      Burning will + parry > I've chiped some hp away & keeped a defensive stance

                      While the difference may be subtile I've efficiently did 2 different actions (damaging & defending) while you did only 1 (damaging) for twice the ap cost.
                      Even if you have inflicted more damages my damage output's gonna catch up later.
                      Lastly let's say we've got a quick strike + any 3ap token

                      Those would be your best potential hands starting by chain strike > reinforce > heavy blow/blood bath > terrify/frenzy
                      Now firstly it requires you at least 2 cards (while highly probable it give a bit more risk that bad luck happen), most of these options will leaves you fully open if you wish to take the full potential of your ap bonus
                      In the other hand while a chain strike would really be shitty for me it's essentially the same point as for the burning wish above...

                      At this point my +5% parry can be considered to be more efficient than +2ap because it don't require that I put myself in risk to take benefit of it and at the end of day we both gonna have the same amount of ap (at that point my parry bonus will continue to be useful giving me the upper edge)

                      Sure in some cases it's gonna be efficient, AP bonuses are always great and useful but they're not always as great as it may seem. You may consider each time you end a turn with more than 0 ap it wasn't really effective
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                        First of all I would like to point out that if I use MoR3 it locks my resilience level at 3, unless I override that by equipping a higher level resilience, second of all I need critical hits quite a bit to get my Blood Bath tokens, so by using a MoR3 instead of a MoC3 I have a 32% critical chance down from 35%, have 40% chance to get a Blood Bath token (the same as before)when I suffer a critical hit, have 30% parry chance up from 25%, starting AP of 2 down from 4.

                        If my current cruelty perk was rank 3-5 I would consider it.

                        All-in-all, I appreciate the idea and opinion.


                          Sorry I didn't take note that your Cruelty perk was still low, for sure in this case your set up is better.

                          You may still consider switching when you get the lvl5 one, honestly think it make the gameplay somewhat "smoother"

                          Have fun with the game


                            It'd be nice if the cruelty perk wasn't so slow to level after season reset. As it stands, I'll be lucky to have Cruelty5 for two weeks before this season resets.


                              It used to be twice as difficult.