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    To whoever ... is, don't be that ******* no one wants to play with, I came here to have FUN how much FUN do you think you would have playing against an ******* like that?

    I respect your right to make whatever build you want, but that REALLY?
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    Did you win the race? How long did the game take?


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      I was going to win, it was my turn I attacked and ........ there violet trinket kicked in, I lost.

      Long boring end turn, end turn, end turn and end turn game AWFUL!


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        Which turn was it? about 19th turn?
        Interesting one shot game, but honestly, it can be boring for assassin too. Stay still and get 19 turn of axes hits... 37% evade chance is much, but not impossible.
        good luck next time!


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          I think I played against that same person yesterday. Or possibly the day before.

          As much as I hate losing - and I did lose - it is an important build in the meta. It is a counter grindy, turtle builds that look to mitigate damage and wear down the opponent over time. Those builds can be very powerful, but cannot win the necessary damage race against this kind of strategy. I am looking at altering my own build as a result of that game, and will probably offer other players more fun, balanced games of my own as a result.

          And, of course, there are some weapons that are a direct counter for such builds. Trinkets, too, but they are rubbish enough that the weakness against 'normal' builds is unacceptable.


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            There is a dagger that costs 13k which destroys this build.


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              That was such a turtle fest LOL. 35 turns .. he had me at 40/60 at the end but I evaded and he quit which IMO he shouldnt, cause he had 5% to avoid it

              Pretty descent guy .. although Stalker shiv is way better than Ancile in this case.