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Is this beatable at all ?

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    Is this beatable at all ?

    Witch with Star Shard, Battlemage talisman and Medal of mastery ..
    She gets 20 dmg from staff, her immolate is 8-13, which means you skip 2 turns for sure + seduce that makes them 4.. her magic missiles are around 30 .. Ice blast 16-21 .. Heals with dark ritual like nothing .. heals with other stupid spells as well.. and on top of that she has 40 parry chance ?!

    Seriously if there is a broken character its the witch for sure. She has enough tempo to kill wanderer builds, doesnt care much about retaliate build since she is 2h, assassins just give her tokens..
    The only thing i can think of is some Brisingr AP burn build..

    Just about any witch build with 5+ magic dmg makes me feel like an imbecil. I have beaten them but mainly to luck or opponent bad draws/mistakes. A good player with good immolate/seduce timings will just take a .....

    Yes, a couple Assassin builds and a Berserker build. AP burn seems to be the key. Oh, there are a couple Crusader builds that seem to do alright - one uses the the always on shield to mostly fend off the Immolate.


      Its a very good build this season, but its beatable.


        I should rephrase.. I know if you spec towards it its not that hard. But you will struggle this way vs other matchups. I mean is it beatable with some normal ladder build.

        As I said the only thing that comes to mind is AP crit assasin burn build, but since my gametime is like 2-3 days each of the last 2 seasons.. i dont have the gold to make it ;/ I already invested heavy in my Turtle assasin and my 2 pirate builds .. one of which is just a fun retaliate build that struggles greatly vs 2handers.