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    leothilo Click image for larger version

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      sacret text is clearly not balanced. Its used in pure defensive builds, where you just wait for your opponent to use all its deck's items while you are refilling yours over and over.

      Either limit sacret text to 'once per game', or made it refill your deck not with all the items you played this game, but with a random subset of them, like 10 or 15 random items played this game, so you are not getting all the healing tokens every refill.
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        Да уж, с SoSC до фикса и то был какой-то шанс что противник забудется и потратит последний токен.. здесь без вариантов



          So I have just come back to the game after time away from it due to its ridiculous nature. However look at this ridiculous game. Now I only used this build to test how far the game can go and how lazy people can be. Both the builds in this picture are stupid, however the one I am facing is even more ridiculous. Why would you get rid of SoCC and replace it with this monstrosity. Developers, were you drunk when you did this?

          When I eventually surrendered this match due to not receiving any tokens anymore, obviously used too many, hence only having 3 left.They had healed for over 400HP. Just ridiculous. Another stupid part of this game, running out of tokens makes no sense. Especially when the other lunatic is getting all his or her back into hand.

          What I will say is that this build is beatable with my Beserker, however it's still boring as hell to play against. Plus you can still lose if all they have is healing tokens.

          This is supposed to be a quick game as described in the bio of it, however this match went on for what feels like several miserable decades. Will go back to some other builds and surrender to this everytime now.

          My apologies, rant over.
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            Originally posted by Divisible View Post
            Да уж, с SoSC до фикса и то был какой-то шанс что противник забудется и потратит последний токен.. здесь без вариантов
            Согласен, нужен нерф)


              120 tokens.. return SOCs, it's the once hope to revenge sacred text Click image for larger version

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                If sacred text has to be kept in game, then I think it's effect has to be applied to both player, as well as ank trinkets, it's the only way to balance the game.
                More, now I see that sacred text is in use (or abuse...) by assassin and witch, and things starts to be really boring.
                The original shard of second chance was not so bad as this new kind of infinite token engine.

                120 tokens Vs 28 tokens played ...


                  Both players.. it been like three tokens for you.. must be funny)


                    Just finished a game against assassin sacred text, it really makes me want to quit this game. It’s such an annoying and cheap way to win.


                      Personally, I decided not to fight with opponents with sacred texts.. damn it with a rating, let only fight with bots and they will be happy