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How are ranking points calculated?

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  • How are ranking points calculated?

    Hi all - I searched the forums but didn't find an answer to this, so apologies if I missed it somewhere. What factors go into calculating the ranking points in the multiplayer? Hitpoints left over? Damage dealt? Number of tokens played?

    For example, if my opponent only has 3 hitpoints left on a final turn, is it useful in terms of rankings to still maximize my damage dealt and use all my tokens to deal 20 damage? Or does it make more sense to heal myself for hitpoints, or save my tokens? Thanks in advance!

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    Haven't really done much testing for it, but it seems like the only thing that matters is the difference in rating between to two players.

    There's the min-max cap that got introduced back in Feb 2019 (v1.146.0) as well - min gain from victory is 10, while max loss is 35.
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      Right, simply win and loss.