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    Possible new contents?

    Hi guys, does anybody know what will future holds for Ironbound? I mean it's a cool game, but when you hit 3000 rating, nothing more to do for the rest of the season. Like now, it's 6 more weeks from the season, and if you sit in Top100 with 3500 rating, nothing to progress for?

    Is it possible that the devs will make some content for top players? 3500 and 4000 rating bonus maybe? or friend list and direct matchmaking option for custom games? any online add on, which helps to keep top players interest till the end of every season?

    Regards, T

    Hi there. Secret Level hopes to add new features, including matching with friends. They've been digging into some features that we'll learn more about as time gets closer.

    Thanks for playing and for your feedback.