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What's the player base size?

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  • What's the player base size?

    So this has probably been brought up before. So after a bit of a hiatus from the game (deleted it due to boredom), I have come back to it now. Can someone please explain the ludicrous matching system? So me at 3200+ gets put up against multiple 2600-2800's???? Typically as well, it is the usual whoptards that use Sacred Text, so there is an easy loss of 35 points multiple times.

    What I would like to know from the Devs is, how in earth can someone with 800+ less points than me be matched?? Would rather play against the boring bots. Also if you are matching people like this on purpose, what is the point once you've hit top 100 in playing anymore of the game?

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    I should have added the title is me wondering if the reason for the ludicrous matching is down to no one playing the game. That would be a fair analysis.


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      Originally posted by RAFERS102 View Post
      Can someone please explain the ludicrous matching system? So me at 3200+ gets put up against multiple 2600-2800's????
      I've experienced this yesterday, perhaps they changed the matching system, since it has not happened before, to me too at least.

      But it my case I wanted on purpose to lower the rating to get some different opponent, testing some build, so it helped and I didn't notice it too much, but you are right, it could be that there are less players online.

      After a while, this is natural, every build (and game) starts to be boring. Here, there are still some very interesting trinkets mix, to try, but they are absolutely not competitive compared to the major ones that breaks you down in 7 turns.

      Anyway, I still have some very interesting matches around this game, but I think I'm going to stop gaming for a while, waiting the next season and some new balance update of the game.

      See you.


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        You wont be missing anything by not playing the game for a while. Most pathetic thing is that they got rid of SoSC and replaced it like for like with Sacred Text. Now I full understand that this game is predominantly about luck, however having an item that is completely lacking in any skill for use is mindless. It has got to the point where I actually jude people as lesser humans for using it. Nice to look down on them as pond life.


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          The numbers have been pretty steady all along. Activity always dips as season extends. I'm not sure about the ratings; my understanding is that it's 600. I will ask the devs to look into it.


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            Thank you for that, hopefully some clarity on the gap for matching can be sort.


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              I created new account and having fun from playing with 1 level wirriors Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_20190603_104321.jpg
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                Nice Fanatic Dagger there. You should write a guide, would help newbs earn gold better and maybe help increase the player base that way.

                When ever they finally get private match it'd be neat to be able to de-rank and have level 1 duels with item limits.


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                  Oh, no) thank you very much, but it's not a some secret there.. i had enough of gold to equip my assassin.. used build is is known to everyone, who take 3000 rating)
                  I didn't want to mislead anyone.. sorry)

                  About duels - i think the opponent's choice must be tied to the cost of you equip.. that's all)