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Time to start naming and shaming the stallers.

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  • Time to start naming and shaming the stallers.

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Name:	Screenshot_20190805-200243_Ironbound.jpg
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ID:	144052 top level player, plays at a snail's pace stalls like a 1980's Ford Escort. Should be ashamed. Going to keep adding to this everytime I come across them now. Shocking how many of these players I come across.

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    Ugh, sorry that happened.


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      I have not understood clearly what happened... perhaps because of my rusted English...
      You mean that your opponent plays very very slow on purpose? trying to force you to abandon the game?


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        Not sure if he or she was playing slow on purpose, however it was one of the slowest games of my life. Especially as we had the same build. At that point it is just down to luck. So there was no need to drag their heels like this.


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          I encountered some slow players, but very rarely so I did not experience your case. At the moment I left the game for a while, see you on future seasons.


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            I've been playing against Jvanzand... This guy play his turns slow as he possible even to mulligan. I was at 2200 and he at 2600 on the first encounter. He played normally w/ his sinx, when i found him w/ his crusader, he was at 2450 pts playing much slowly on purpose. Atking quickly and waiting his turn to end :/