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Ghostly Axe + Draupnir

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    Ghostly Axe + Draupnir

    The item text for the axe states it has 0% parry, and "cannot parry." Draupnir gives a +10% to parry, which shows up on the character info. So I would expect that the axe indeed has 10% parry. However, after several matches and dozens of attacks, I have yet to see it parry.

    That could easily just be RNG and I'm jumping to conclusions, or the character info is wrong. How are these two items supposed to work together?

    That axe doesn't just have its base parry chance set to 0, it's got the parry effect completely disabled, so adding an item with a parry bonus doesn't do anything. It's like equipping something with an evade bonus on a Berserker, or an item with parry bonus and a 1h weapon - the bonus will appear in the character tooltip, but it won't have any effect.

    We will highlight useless bonuses somehow, but in this case it's pretty tricky, because this is a thing the script code does and cannot be detected by the client with a simple rule like don't show evade bonuses when you're not an Assassin.