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    parry mechanics

    I'm unclear as to how parry works. There appears to be a chance for parry to become "active," as well as a chance--once active--to trigger the parry effect.

    If that's even close to true, then:

    1. What determines the chance for parry to become active?
    2. Is the chance for an active parry always calculated at the start of the opponent's turn?
    3. What determines the chance for an active parry to trigger on a given attack?
    4. What types of attacks can an active parry trigger on?
    5. Does a parry--if active and triggered--always prevent 100% of an attack's damage?

    If the parry percentage shown for a hero (including the weapon's base parry, as well as any bonuses applied from other items) is used for both activating the parry, and triggering it once active, is this simply multiplicative? That is, a hero with 40% parry will totally block 16% of attacks?

    Any info to confirm or correct would be much appreciated!
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    Hey there,

    Parry is an unique property of two handed weapons only, can by adjusted by other items but not the other way around. Soon, we hope to have in place a system that shows if a bonus is not active, i.e. you take a trinket with +parry bonus but you are using one handed weapon, the + x% parry bonus will be shown grey out.

    Each time you don't use a weapon during your turn, you enter in a "parry stance", we know, this information is not yet displayed anywhere, will fix it. While you have the parry stance active, you have a flat % chance to avoid any attacks by 100%. Except damage over time or other effects which express clearly that will inflict damage on you, all other attacks and spells can be parried.

    in other words:
    1. If you don't attack during a turn, you gain the ability to parry for the next turn.
    2. Yes.
    3. The x% chance, for each enemy attack during that turn.
    4. All weapon attacks, all direct damage, you cannot parry dot's or effects like Dark Ritual.
    5. Parry prevents 100% of the damage.


      You enter the parry stance if you end the turn without using the weapon (you can play tokens and other items). You exit the stance at the beginning of your next turn. It's explained at the start of the third tutorial match (the one against the Assassin), but you probably missed it or forgot.

      When you parry, you always absorb all the damage, so it's similar to the Assassin's evade ability. It also applies to the same kind of actions as evade: weapon attacks and direct spell damage. It obviously doesn't apply to DOTs, stuff that says "ignore parry/block/evade", Immolate and Dark Ritual.


        Thanks a bunch, guys. It's all clear now!

        ...but you probably missed it or forgot.
        Ha, yeah. I think by the third match tutorial I was ready to just get some. Or at least thought I was.