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passive (and maybe other) effect descriptions

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    passive (and maybe other) effect descriptions

    When I see "Each time the enemy evades an attack or becomes enraged...", does this apply only to Assassins and Berserkers? That is, generally speaking, is the term "evade" used (throughout the game) to refer to a bonus and skill that is available only to Assassins? Or does a parried attack count as "evaded?"

    Is there a collective term consistently used in descriptions when referring to any one of Enraged, Last Stand, Stealth, or Focused Mind? (Oh, perhaps that's "special state?").

    Evade always refers to the Assassin's ability, so yes, that item is only effective against Assassins and Berserkers. When something triggers on damage not getting through, we say something like this:

    Originally posted by Remorseful Basher
    Each time this weapon doesn't inflict damage, your next attack costs 0 AP.
    This means it will trigger on evade, parry, miss due to Terrify and even when it's blocked by a shield with defense greater or equal than the damage.

    The collective term for Enraged, Last Stand, Stealth and Focused Mind is indeed "special state", for example:

    Originally posted by Badge of Bravery
    While in your class special state, reduce incoming weapon and magic damage by 3.