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    ha ha, i win

    Crusaders can be tough on two-handers, and I've had some trouble getting past the solo AI Expert with my witch and her staff. After taking a couple of days off from playing her, I just went back in for another try.

    After a long battle I burned the crusader down to one HP. That was the good news. The bad news was I had an empty hand, no AP left, no DOTs on the enemy, and I too was down to my final HP.

    Resigned to my doom--again--I hit the end turn button. Then blinked, and the next thing I know I'm being awarded 400g for the victory! Eh, what? Peeked at the combat log and saw the poor-planning crusader had gotten pinged one very lethal point for no tokens left in his deck.

    He had it coming.
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    Well, that little victory dance was short-lived. I'm now taking my witch up against the AI Expert witch. Umm, no. Not going to happen.

    Now, my witch as kitted has cleared the entire solo matrix--this is the last unconquered match. She has a not-quite-300 ranking on multiplayer, where she has won sufficiently to be running the level-5 Resilience perk.

    As is, she is never, ever, never beating the AI Expert witch. I take a turn as a win if she only heals for 10, while dishing 20 damage. Not sure what my average loss is, but it's surely in the 125 HP neighborhood. Utterly stomped, every time.

    The AI witch's overwhelming advantage against another witch is the level-5 Mastery perk, which is enabled for the duration of the match. She's not spending absolute top-dollar on her kit (2700g total for her two weapons, and another 2000g for her trinkets)--it's just ridiculously synergistic with her Mastery.

    So, I don't really want to spend a bunch a gold outfitting another class to beat her for 400g. It's likely the day she goes down to my witch will be long, long past the point where I actually need that victory purse.
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      I chose a crusader instead.
      For me the hardest enemies in order were: berserker>rogue>crusader>witch
      I finally defeated the expert AI berserker, but there's currently nothing after the end.

      Click image for larger version

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