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first-come, first-served deaths?

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    first-come, first-served deaths?

    If both players hit zero on a single action (resolving all the consequences of that action), is first one dead the loser?

    My berserker vs bot Valgard. At the end, I hit him with lethal on a crit. But his Fanatic Mighty Hacker spewed its 5-HP retaliatory damage anyway. What happens if I have five or fewer hitpoints? (The weapon probably shouldn't act after death, but if the deaths are first-come, first-served I suppose it doesn't really matter.)

    Which reminds me, how does the newly implemented stalemate result affect rankings and streaks? Is it just like the match never happened?

    Currently, the entire action and its side effects are resolved before checking the HP of the players. If both have 0 HP at the end, it's a draw. We're not yet sure it should stay like that, or if you should stop reflecting damage (or whatever) if you're dead. Some actions feel like they should run to completion before checking the HP (for example, Blood Bath, since it says deal damage to both players), while others seem like they should stop if one player is dead (like your reflect example). However, I for one don't like to have different rules for different actions, because they're hard to explain and remember, and what feels natural to me might not feel the same to another player. I'd rather have one rule which applies everywhere (although it may be a bit late for that already, since we've disabled healing procs if you're dead).

    When a draw happens, the player with more rating loses some rating, and the other one wins some rating, but the amounts are smaller than what would happen in a victory/defeat situation. If the players have equal ratings, no points are lost or gained. This is standard ELO, and it works like that because it's built on the expected result. If you're stronger, you're expected to win, so you're penalised somewhat if you draw, and more if you lose. You can use any ELO calculator (such as this one) to run some simulations and see what would happen at various rating differences (we use a K factor of 50, instead of the 32 which is the norm in chess, so make sure you input that).

    Also, a draw resets the winning streak for both players.


      Thanks, good info Mihnea.

      ...or if you should stop reflecting damage (or whatever) if you're dead.
      Yeah, I'm fully on board the "do the least surprising thing" train.

      Blood Bath doesn't bother me too much because it looks simultaneous. I don't think most folks are going to need an explanation for a draw result. I'm even anticipating that result with both players near zero hitpoints.

      The other cases are reactions after the fact, and it's easy to see the events happen sequentially. Which makes it much harder to understand damage delivered by an already dead opponent.
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