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    Patch 1.3 discussion

    Thank you for fixing parry.

    Changes to Arena's Mastery Assassin and Wall of Montu also most welcome.

    Wtf with Ambush? Unless you are stacking effects (how its mainly used, I know), it is now better to ambush when not in stealth. Compare to crushing blow.

    And Backstab, could we tie that extra damage to stealth?

    Like the new items.

    But... Stalker stuffs' base damage is too low. You have to forgo an attack just to get back to even with comparable weapons?
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    Totally agree on the parry change, much appreciated!


      Ya, Ambush is harder to use. It's more valuable out of stealth, but I'm often staying in stealth as much as possible while loading up damage to unleash. Now I find myself in stealth and not wanting to use Ambush when I have no other damage boosts available.


        I don't see that as being a problem (it wasn't changed). The problem is that if you aren't in stealth it is 10 damage for 4 AP. Compare to Crushing Blow (5-10 for 6) and Blessing (4 + 4 def for 4) and Ambush is now the best boost in the game, plus it is double damage out of stealth for 4, whereas Overpower is double damage for 5. It is just massively overpowered now compared to everything else. Add that Back Stab is now comparable damage to Crushing Blow PLUS piercing defense for fewer AP and these changes don't make sense.

        And I say this as someone who primarily plays assassin.