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Arena and how to get Legend

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  • Arena and how to get Legend

    Hi all,

    i have been playing this game for a few weeks now, being on and off and i have 2 relatively simple questions.

    My beserker is doing fine and I used some of the tips here on the forum to improve him. I currently have a rating of 1600ish and see that i gain about 20-25 points per win.
    This would mean that I will have to win about 50 to 60 more fights. Is that about correct? I'm asking because I see a lot of posts about "I made legend easily" thus the number of fights surprised me a bit ;-)

    One other question is about the Arena matches. Is it correct that you just buy a ticket for a certain amount, choose a premade class with 3 different gear options and fight against others who do the same? (I saw ranking is not involved here). Do you always play against other players or also NPC? I tried this a few times but lost all fights so far.


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    Yeah you do need 120+ wins to get there. I think I'm one of those you are talking about, but each game should take 5 min in general, and mostly you are fighting bots that make clear mistakes.

    As far as I know, 5000 arena doesn't start until you are matched with a human player. 200 arena will give you a bot if no player faces you after a while. Not sure about the ones in between.

    You are correct about the 12 different options in arena. Read all of their items carefully and remember them so that you don't ever need to click all of your opponent's items ever again in arena. You should also be able to know what combo from the other character will threaten you the most straight from the start. Once you can do that you can move higher than 200 arena.


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      Okay, that sounds fair enough ;-) now i have a better idea of the 'workload' to get 3000k points.

      Thank you so much Feiyn


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        Made it..... 132 win / 20 lost