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Best builds for the current season?

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  • Best builds for the current season?

    Share your best builds for ranking up guys

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    Best (for me) and Most Expensive one here:

    Foe Hammer, Orb that Generate Freezing Blasts, Medal of Cruelty, Sylvan Fetish, Mastery Perk.

    You get 10/10 damage, 4 starting AP. Keep whacking the weapons like a berserker.
    Against Witches your Foe Hammer and Mastery should give you advantage. Immolates burn all AP pretty much.
    Against Berserkers and Assassins just Freeze them up as much as possible. Preferably starting at 6 AP you can squeeze in a weapon hit and a freeze. 5 AP go freeze not recommended as it really reduces damage output. With an Orb Crit you can do it earlier.
    Against Crusaders, Sylvan will often blow up their shield for you, allowing you to continue to whack them for 20 HP.
    Against Crusaders and Berserkers, getting them below 60HP then immolate is game over.
    If you face a lot of big damage builds, such as Golden Khopesh Assassins, quickly switch Sylvan to Red Witch Charm (You are still very likely to win with Sylvan). Sylvan is mainly for fighting Witches and Shield users.
    If you face other Foe Hammer witches, using Jar is slightly better than Sylvan.


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      Well, I'm just hovering around my reset score, so I'm not much help! Void Talisman is still quite good against builds with no dispel.

      Here's one I'm doing well with. It's all about getting to Crusade and doing mass damage while in Last Stand. That shield is quite good, I've found, especially against hard hitting Berserkers.
      • Brisingr guarantees damage of one sort or another, which is great vs parry, evade, and shields.
      • Heart of Steel gives me extra Slam tokens almost every match
      • Radiant Relic pays off more with AP than healing, but a big Spirit of Vengeance hit in Last Stand or Mastery heals can help.
      • Lucky Gold Coin gives me more d.o.t. damage and gets me to Crusade
      • Low overall crit rate so don't trigger too many counters
      • I keep health high and try to control when I let myself go into Last Stand, while saving tokens for multiple big hits in Last Stand.
      • Starting AP=5, Max AP=13. Premeditation lets you take Max even higher, but I usually use it just to get to 13 sooner, which is plenty of AP to unleash lots of damage.
      It performs a lot better against other Crusaders than I anticipated.

      Click image for larger version

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        My 2 handed zerker build took me to top 10, im using parry trinkets and ice blade, so I must be doing something right or im always lucky


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          For bezerker the trusty Atlantans sword, collolsus grip, and medal of cruelty is a good one.

          for witches I like the Gae Bulg plus the dead mans chest. For the second trinket slot I usually use jar of Horus but sometimes use the red witch charm, especially against that assass8nnbuild that gets the bonus for 25+ damage. The secret to beating them is to just play tokens without attacking for about 10to 15 turns until your weapon damage is at around 60 or so and then hit them with two magic missiles and a weapon attack and kilo them in one turn.

          havent find a good crusader build or assassin build yet.


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            This assassin build got me to legend rank in a day

            main-hand: Deathstalker
            off-hand: Ethereal blade
            trinket (1): Lucky gold coin
            trinket (2): Night essence
            Perk: cruelty(im at lvl 5)

            Simple strategy here. Attack every turn with Deathstalker to gain poison blade tokens as much as possible to gain +1 main-hand dmg and use Ethereal crits to play corrosive/numbing poison tokens for 0ap and they also trigger night essence for the +1 main-hand dmg increase. And when i have a spare AP before I end my the turn use the lucky hold coin to draw 2 tokens in hopes of getting more poison tokens to play. The focus of this build is to hit quickly and as many times as possible to build deathstalkers dmg.
            let me know what everyone thinks about this build as I'm open to trying different assassin builds because that's where all my good gets spent xD