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witches.. i dont get it

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    witches.. i dont get it

    I played to 3k+ Rating with every class in the game exept witches.

    I just cant get my Witch working propper.
    I messed around with some made up Builds but usualy i dropp to 50 HP before i can start sort of a Token/Attack Rotation an then i die.
    I feel like this class depends on luck on getting/having the right Tokens anyway.
    I feel like 50% of the tokens are totally useless or just to expensive to use them efficiently.
    I used to die before my max AP hit 8 or so!

    Do top 100 Witch Builds even exist?

    Need help! I just dont get this class...
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    I felt the same way at first. Witches are versatile in battle and so it's not as simple as buff buff buff buff pow uppercut. You'll get the hang of it soon enough.

    Immolate and magic missile tokens are boosted by magic damage and can either be very powerful or very weak. I.e. if you have magic damage +7, Immolate consumes 9-12 ap instead of 2-5 effectively disabling your opponent for one turn. Magic missile damage = weapon damage + magic damage + # enemy tokens. This damage can be stacked very high with certain combos (50-60 each!).

    Rejuvenate is best played before using a long chain of tokens. Blood pact, spell steal, preparation and being focused with mastery perk help increase the amount of tokens you can play.

    The fire enchant token is simple. It either boosts your weapon damage or reduces incoming damage taken. Useful vs enemies who attack repeatedly each turn.

    The freezing token increases the AP cost of weapons & trinkets by 2. Play this one in the first few rounds so the enemy doesn't have enough AP to attack. Less useful later in battle.

    Seduce, disable enemy tokens, self explanatory. Play this if you suspect enemy of building a combo.... (like crushing blow + overpower etc)


      Sorcerers knife - chance to entered focus mind on crit
      Kelpies eye - magic damage boost per weapon attack
      cruel medal
      void talisman - +1 weapon damage when mastery perk is triggered, persistant.
      I eventually settled on this build awhile back and still use it. Reached top 100 with it. Its pretty common now. Weapon damage stacks up faster the longer you can stay in focused mind. I've reached 30-40+ damage on my knife a few times (lmao). Magic missile becomes very powerful late in battle, so save them. Immolate also deals high ap damage so save it for when ap gauges reach 10.

      Nowadays I've been seeing some crazy build involving high parry % with each one translating to 10 magic and weapon damage. If they parry twice in one turn you're screwed.... Two magic missiles for 50+ damage each, then a weapon attack, possibly two, hitting for about 35 each. It's ridiculous.


        Witch had the steepest learning curve for me, but I played with her quite a bit until I was competent. It helped me understand her better when playing against a witch. I don't care for witch and rarely play one now, but she's still extremely powerful.


          It either boosts your weapon damage or reduces incoming damage taken. Useful vs enemies who attack repeatedly each turn.


            There is some build which is new to me but its just ridiculous... You get magic dmg whenever you heal and you heal whenever you recover AP .. or sth like that. Was too mad at the game to pay more attention. Baasically for some reason witches stack insane magic dmg when attacking .. and there was a trinket that was doing me 15-20 dmg per token played .. on top of that they disable you completely with immolate(cause of the bonus magic dmg) or disable your tokens with seduce(you can skip like 2-4 turns) .. its like the most annoying thing i have played against. If you dont kill the witch untill turn 8 you are dead.


              Probably: Animist Spell Blade, Demon Heart, Rat King Mark, either Medal of Mastery or Recruit Talisman. Cruelty perk. Goal is to survive until Regenerate token and play your hand out if you can. This stacks magic DMG per token played and can deal a ton of dmg in one turn.


                It was Banshee or Aminist(i think banshee), the orb was Sorcerer(not 100%) sure, the trinkets were Mirror of souls and Rat king .. again not sure.. The only thing im sure about was that when he played some crap token after the healing one, he always triggered a trinket that was doing 17-18 dmg.