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game mecanic "Magic Damage"

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    game mecanic "Magic Damage"

    I saw some Magic Damage bonus on Rogue only items.
    For example Midnight Sun schield.
    Im wondering what kind of Tokens are considered to deal Magic Damage.
    Do poisons benefit from Magic Damage and dot bonusses?
    What about Blod Bath Token from Berserker?
    Would be nice to see a description on Tokens and items wich kind of damage it does.

    I also faced a witch with shadow spite trinket (deals 2 Damage at the end of enemys Turn) but instead of 2 it delt 3 Damage.
    The item doesnt say its "magic"

    Assassin have Blackout - which is Magic Damage, see the small icon at the bottom of the token.

    ss from PC version, can be tough to see on mobile I suppose:
    Click image for larger version  Name:	blackout.png Views:	1 Size:	284.1 KB ID:	121151

    Also, I believe most damage from trinkets are considered Magic, haven't tested them all, so obviously could be wrong...
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      Reflect damage (mithril spike) is magic damage. I've seen a really nasty build with that shield and two reflect trinkets.