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    I've been waiting to post this for some times, may all the parry witches burn in the hell they belong XD

    Parry Witch

    Two hand weapon: Banshee Rod

    Trinkets: Battlemage tailsman, (Recommended): Studded leather gloves, Crystal Skull, Shadow Sprite

    Perks: Resilience, Mastery.

    One of the most annoying build out there, everyone must take it into consideration when thinking up a build. Mindless attacking will result in nukes in form of magic missiles, and immolate will burn you down.

    The basic is simple. Go in parry stance, and wait for the enemy to attack and wait for you to parry. Then unleash hell against them.

    RN im testing it out I will post more later


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      Don't see any Assassin builds yet, so I'll add the one I've been enjoying recently:

      - Brisingr
      - Beast Fang
      - Smoke Bomb
      - Greater Dire Charm
      - Cruelty Perk

      Not sure if it's really a Competitive build, but I like it, and variations of it worked well for me for the last few seasons - was using Medal of Cruelty 3 and Resilience Perk before I sold it for next season rewards and decided to try out Smoke Bomb against "buffs" builds.

      Basic strategy of "just attack" , with timed use of Smoke Bomb to reset buffs/debuffs, or the extra Stealth, as needed.

      Brisingr is great against parry/evasion/shield builds, it also triggers when you miss due to tokens/trinkets effects (Terrify, Take Cover, Mirror of Ra, etc.) Won a few matches purely with the stacking 10 DoTs.

      I'm using Greater Dire Charm for the additional healing, seems to lose a lot more often without it, so I'm sticking to it - often unlucky with tokens so don't see a Recover for the entire game.

      Smoke Bomb is great against builds using buffs, like the above Banshee Witch, also great against Very Expensive Parrot - nothing like removing the disarm and then disarming them straight back, at reduced AP cost due to Stealth You obviously don't want to use it if there are stacked DoTs from Brisingr though, luckily, those only lasts for 2 turns, so you can wait them out if needed. Don't forget that it also removes all buffs you have as well, so not a good idea after you've just stacked Ambushed (yeah, I've done it...)

      (Looks like there's a bug with Smoke Bomb and Daily Quests at the moment though, I've raised it with the dev team...)
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