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    I've been waiting to post this for some times, may all the parry witches burn in the hell they belong XD

    Parry Witch

    Two hand weapon: Banshee Rod

    Trinkets: Battlemage tailsman, (Recommended): Studded leather gloves, Crystal Skull, Shadow Sprite

    Perks: Resilience, Mastery.

    One of the most annoying build out there, everyone must take it into consideration when thinking up a build. Mindless attacking will result in nukes in form of magic missiles, and immolate will burn you down.

    The basic is simple. Go in parry stance, and wait for the enemy to attack and wait for you to parry. Then unleash hell against them.

    RN im testing it out I will post more later


      Don't see any Assassin builds yet, so I'll add the one I've been enjoying recently:

      - Brisingr
      - Beast Fang
      - Smoke Bomb
      - Greater Dire Charm
      - Cruelty Perk

      Not sure if it's really a Competitive build, but I like it, and variations of it worked well for me for the last few seasons - was using Medal of Cruelty 3 and Resilience Perk before I sold it for next season rewards and decided to try out Smoke Bomb against "buffs" builds.

      Basic strategy of "just attack" , with timed use of Smoke Bomb to reset buffs/debuffs, or the extra Stealth, as needed.

      Brisingr is great against parry/evasion/shield builds, it also triggers when you miss due to tokens/trinkets effects (Terrify, Take Cover, Mirror of Ra, etc.) Won a few matches purely with the stacking 10 DoTs.

      I'm using Greater Dire Charm for the additional healing, seems to lose a lot more often without it, so I'm sticking to it - often unlucky with tokens so don't see a Recover for the entire game.

      Smoke Bomb is great against builds using buffs, like the above Banshee Witch, also great against Very Expensive Parrot - nothing like removing the disarm and then disarming them straight back, at reduced AP cost due to Stealth You obviously don't want to use it if there are stacked DoTs from Brisingr though, luckily, those only lasts for 2 turns, so you can wait them out if needed. Don't forget that it also removes all buffs you have as well, so not a good idea after you've just stacked Ambushed (yeah, I've done it...)

      (Looks like there's a bug with Smoke Bomb and Daily Quests at the moment though, I've raised it with the dev team...)
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      Eternium Files - links and details (13 Dec 2019 - Changed links to file, please update if you have them book-marked)

      Eternium Guides:


        Evade Assassin lives and dies by the will of RNGesus, so pray hard when running this build.

        Thug Life Assassin

        • Main Hand: Reforged Thug Blade
        • Shield: Ancile
        • Trinket: Shadow Crystal
        • Trinket: Ring of Shadows
        • Perk: Mastery

        Your goal is to never pass a turn without Stealth active since you have a 40% chance to evade and that buffs your damage. Evading an attack will give you +1 damage on Thug Blade (can be dispelled) and then double your base weapon damage from Shadow Crystal, so your damage grows each time you evade. Your shield costs 0 AP, so it should always be up.

        You have many ways to maintain stealth in this build:
        • 3x Ring of Shadows activations
        • 7 tokens in your deck that grant stealth
        • Mastery triggers
        Many turns the play is just shield up and pass without attacking if you do not have the Shadow Crystal buff OR you cannot regain stealth post-attack. If you start a turn without stealth and have no means to activate it, you can always pass without any action (including your 0 AP shield) to go back to stealth mode. If you do have Shadow Crystal buff and you can regain stealth, attacking is usually correct, hitting for over 20 damage without any additional buffs.

        Token management is very important, many tokens have very specific purposes that are key to your success:
        • Ambush has huge damage potential in this build, allowing you to swing for 50+ or more in most cases. The two copies are your biggest sources of damage and have to be maximized.
        • Backstab and Disarm will let you attack unimpeded into parry and shield builds for guaranteed damage, so make sure you can swing big when using them.
        • Blackout, Cheat Death, Numbing Poison and Recover should only be played if you need to regain stealth.
        • Poison Blades, Mutilate, and Backstab are your buff tokens that you want to combo with Ambush when possible.
        • Vendetta and Chain Strike are best kept for late game burst damage since your Thug Blade usually hits like a 2-hander by then

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          And here is my Assassin build..

          - Reforged Thug Blade
          - Stalker Shiv
          - Book Of The Dead
          - Shadow Crystal
          - Resilience 5

          I think it has great potential vs crit builds and esp. vs bots since they completely ignore the fact that you play book of the dead and hit you with everything.

          The strategy is similar to the build above.. with the difference that normally you shouldnt go out of stealth for less than 80dmg.
          The trick is to time your book charges and Cheat Death right, so when you use Cheat Death you are actually under or around 5 hp left. This way weapons cant trigger bleed crits and kill you.
          Focus your mulligans on def tokens and ambush and just stall the game as much as possible.

          I am new to the game so I cant say how well this will do above 2,2k rank

          P.S. Always use Corrosive Poison as a defensive token. You can only save one copy vs assassin to finish her off while Cheat Deathing o;0
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            A pirate build I saw Irina use.. full credit to her/him. Its a bit unorthodox but i love it cause it gives you an edge vs turtles.. But it is a weaker IMO in mirror matches vs parrot build.

            Main - Brisingr
            Off - Calico Jack's Pistol( costs 1 AP if you have more HP than your opponent)
            Trinket 1 - Medal of Cruelty 3
            Trinket 2 - Greater Dire Charm
            Perk - Mastery

            The bad thing is if you go second most of the time vs agressive builds you gonna suffer cause you wont have the HP edge for the 1 AP pistol.
            The good thing is that if you go first .. you havea nice advantage. Also Mutiny works great with the pistol.

            I do not recommend it yet, because i started playing pirate yesterday and its still debatable if its worth the hight cost(44k gold). IMO its not.


              Lucky for you three of those four items have lots of cross class uses.


                Agreed. All of them are very usefull. And just wanted to post another build .. which is hilarious. I mean I am pretty sure when it works it drives ppl insane.

                Assassin Mega Turtle:

                Main - Reforged Thug Blade
                Off - Ancile
                Trinket 1 - Shadow Crystal
                Trinket 2 - Flacara Violet
                Perk - Mastery

                You just mulligan everything for def tokens - most importantly Recovers and stall the game. You have 43% base evasion + 5% avoid from Flacara. So when you shield up vs dual wielders in the long run you will evade one of the attacks and the other will block. With Recover's bonus evasion you will evade 2 out of 3 on paper o;0.

                When you get to turn 10-15 your Thug blade will be a monster. So its good to save chain strikes and vendetta for the later game.

                Ofc witches are real pain cause they can dispell your Blade charges. Also mirror match vs stalker shiv is bad too.


                  Finally I made my retaliate Pirate build, which I think noone else uses and IMO is extremely good vs dual wielders, especially vs crit dual- wielders.

                  Main - Buccaneer Cutlass(9k)
                  Off - Low's Blunderbuss(15k)
                  Trinket 1 - Hair Trigger(8k)
                  Trinket 2 - Port Royal Rum(7k)

                  There are no crit bonuses from items in this build .. you get +2 main +1 off dmg and +1 starting AP but you can get drunk easily.

                  The strat varies but vs duals(and esp. vs assassins, cause of pick pocket) you always open with drink, so you can have 50% retaliate on opponent first attack(s). You can get drunk 3 times with your trinket and you should always prioritize mulligan for:
                  1. Bottle of rum/All guns blazing/Pillager
                  2. Marooned
                  3. Bad to the bone
                  4. Take Cover
                  5. Black Powder
                  Mutiny is usually worse than chainstrike, cause your gun needs 3 AP to shoot, BUT if you go for Resilience, you can stack All guns blazing tokens and when drunk you can use them after mutiny so you get shots for 1 AP( the gun costs 0 when you use the token while drunk). So you can play All guns-shoot, Mutiny, All guns-shoot, All guns-shoot .. untill you run out of your stacked tokens or your AP.
                  I havent tested it yet, but i still think Mastery will be more consistent.

                  So basically the goal is to stay drunk as much as possible. This way you get 50% retaliate( 30 from drunk and 20 from trinket) and with each retaliation you get permanent +1 to your main hand which cannot be dispelled unlike Assassin's Reforged Thug Blade. You will be surprised how fast you will gain +1 charges when you play vs dual wielders.

                  Your absolutely best token is Bottle of rum.. when you use it and you are drunk, you get 100% retaliate chance, which makes it awesome for boosting your main and for finishing off opponents.
                  I reccomend to use one if you have it early in the game(after 4-5 turns) so you can boost your main weapon fast. Also use pillager fast too so you can draw more Rums. I usually go Pillager as fast as possible and then later on I use the second Pillager token with chainstrike so i can get 4 draws.

                  The worst matchup ofcourse is vs high evasion Assassins, because they hit rarely but very hard, so your retaliate wont matter much. When I start facing assassins more, I switch to the Brisingr build above with 1 difference. I swapped Greater dire charm for the Very expensive parrot.