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    Your first builds.

    Read Killer_Tomato's guide first. This is a follow-up guide based on my personal preferences and experience as well as play testing and discussions with other players on Discord (join Discord if you haven't already); but follow these recommendations at your own risk. Some of this may be duplicate of KT's guide, but most should be new. This post will be general discussion first, then I'll post recommended first purchases and path, and then low cost fairly competitive builds.

    First up, you will make a bad purchase at some point, most all of us have, don't sell items over 1000 gold back unless you are confident you will never use them again. Having accepted that you'll make a bad purchase, hopefully this guide will help you avoid one for a little while.

    We'll have a few different goals with our initial buys: get competitive as fast as possible, set up for future builds, and keep the cost down. These goals can conflict with each other, and will also balance based on player preferences.

    I recommend prioritizing items that have broad cross class/build use versus saving up to build a $60k foe hammer witch build.

    You should be able to get through most of the hard AIs with under $1k items but probably need 200 health.

    As far as Draupnir and Arcenstone: I didn't buy them, but other players love them for farming (which I don't have the time for).

    Pirate is tempting to rush to unlock, but wait until you have a decent build in at least three of the other classes is my recommendation.

    It's a good idea to start with the end build (or an end build) in mind when purchasing items, but this can be a challenge for beginners. Playing the practice mode can help develop an initial opinion about which classes and play style you like best, which will help with building.

    Alternatively, go look at some of the top build posts and save up for them, but I think this approach is more rewarding and is more free to play friendly.

    ​​​​​​​Final comment:
    Expect to lose. It happens, your enemy gets a vote, choas occurs in real life and in Ironbound. Don't be a snowflake and expect an 80+% win rate.

    Update: Longclaw build is probably currently the best to get you to the 3k mark easily. The draw back is the items aren't great for cross class potential.

    Original:This section is a bit of spoon feeding, so if you dont want that, read no further. So you've completed the tutorial and registered, and netted $2k and have 4 nice trinkets. Where too? The practice mode as previously stated. The best path IMO is stick with the Beserker (Zerk or Zerker for short). Immediately buy Tribal Might $900 and Vicious Mithril Axe $1000. Equip Vicious Mithril Axe, Mithril Hacker (already equipped most likely), Tribal Might, and Beserker Charm. Collect scalps: Max your Zerks health next as you earn the gold from wasting the practice bots. Last cheap purchase is the Adamantium Hacker $900 to boost your off hand damage. You should be able to beat all hard practice bots (may take a few tries) and if you want get your feet wet in ranked play. You can probably use this build to easily get past 400 rank for another $2500 earned.

    So you've gotten a good start and are ready to start a build. Here is a possible target build for your first 'low cost' fairly competitive build:
    Zerk build:
    Main Hand: Vicious Thorium Axe (or Ardent Cleaver my fav)
    Shield: Svalinn
    Trinkets: Martyr Cape, Badge of Bravery
    Total cost: $25k (or $23.8k for Ardent Cleaver)

    Why this build? It can be acquired incrementally, it's relatively low cost, the trinkets are useable across several competitive builds, it doesn't rely on perks, and it's a good example of progressive building.
    Note of caution: this build isn't popular at the top of the ladder, though it does well against many of the current favorites. It won't dominate, but it will get you most of the way to 3k rank with a little patience and will develop your skill. Even if you choose to do a different build, this example may help you plot out your own purchases.

    If you are following along you currently have Vicious Mithril Axe, Adamantium Hacker, Tribal Might, and Beserker Charm, and you want to get to the recommended build. Your first buy should be Martyr Cape, and you can swap this in for the Beserker Charm. You lose +1 to each hand, but gain +3 as long as you are at or below 100hp. You should start climbing in ranked atathis point. Next buy would be Svalinn. Swap out that rusty hacker. Next is badge of Bravery, and then finally your main hand of choice. Either Vicious Thorium Axe or Ardent Cleaver work well in this build.

    Next post, alternate 'lower cost' builds to try.

    PS: there will probably be disagreement on the value of this build, but I'm currently confident it's a pretty good all around build. I'll update if my opinion changes.

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      Here are some other lower cost builds you can pursue that can build a decent item base and still do well enough. A couple are actually duplicates from the top builds posts.

      Zerk builds:
      Main Hand: Longclaw
      Trinkets: Colossus Grip, Studded Leather Gloves
      Cost: 19950
      This is a very good build to pursue. Will get you to 3k rank or you're doing something wrong. Even better once you can afford Titan Grip.

      Sader builds:

      Main Hand: Reforged Iron Fist
      Shield: Basher
      Trinkets: Martyr Cape, Blessed Band
      Cost: 22000 (17000 if already have Martyr Cape)

      Sin builds:

      Main Hand: Voodoo Needle
      Off Hand: Sharur
      Trinkets: Ghostly Charm, Pendant of Cunning
      Perk: Cruelty
      Cost: 10400 (cheap!)
      (Thanks player '...')

      Main Hand: Reforged Thug Blade
      Off Hand: Stalker Shiv
      Trinkets: Shadow Crystal, Badge of Bravery (Ring of Shadows alternate)
      Perk: Resilience
      Cost: 16000, or 11000 if you use Ring of Shadows or previously bought Badge

      Witch build:

      Main Hand: Banshee Shiv
      Off Hand: Kelpie's Eye
      Trinkets: Greater Fire Shard, Dream Stone
      Perk: Mastery
      Cost: 19400
      (thanks player Heree).

      The Sader and one of the Sin builds share trinkets with the recommended first Zerk build so save on cost. You can have three solid builds for 53k with the Svalin Zerk, the Iron Fist Sader, and Thugblade Sin, which is doable in one season at free to play investment. These also will get you a good item base to build further from.
      Fell free to comment with your own cheap builds or strategy for accumulating a competitive build.

      Also general thanks to player '...' for help testing and theory crafting on this.
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