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  • Looking for build feedback

    Class: Witch
    Perk: Resilience V
    Main: Star Shard
    Off: N/A
    Trinket I: Battlemage Talisman
    Trinket II: Medal of Mastery III

    I like it because it's simple, spells hit hard (immolate 11ish, Freezing blast 26ish, Magic Missile 34ish) and it's fun having a basic attack of 20.

    My cruelty and Mastery perks are both at 2, think Mastery 5 would be worth the loss of a second perk when I get it to 5? What do you guys think I should do regarding perks? What do you think of the build in general?

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    This is pretty standard 2h fast witch build. Most users (including myself) use Resilience as the primary perk. I don't find that 10% Mastery chance gets you much.

    It will take you to 3k pretty easily.
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      This is the same build I used to reach 3k. However, after 3k its not that good, because some of the bots with rating 3000 and 3100 are goint to beat you. Human players usually change to more defensive builds at 3K, and some of them will consistently beat you too.


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        Star shard is my favourite staff this season too. I tried your build, it's ok. Then I changed the trinkets, if you search on the shop you can find some interesting variations around star shard.
        Have fun, good luck!


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          If you want to see any build in action I do custom videos on demand - just tag me in the discord


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            Flip a coin and see what you come up with, best build you can get.