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"Lurking in the shadows" an introduction to the OTK Sin

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    "Lurking in the shadows" an introduction to the OTK Sin

    First of all this guide assume you've already get past the Practice mode, know how to build some gold and all the basic game knowledge. As well please note that I won't provide any builds > I prefer players having reflrxion on their builds instead of copy/pasting.

    If your not used to the OTK Sin and think that's an OP build that will make you top 100 easily, sorry but it isn't the case:

    - it can be easily hard countered by most classes, Witches will usually mean instaloss
    - it's heavily luck based
    - it's meh against DG
    - it isn't easy to play
    - new poor rng system don't help

    So why one may want to go for such a playstyle? Simply because:

    - it's fun
    - thrilling
    - rewarding
    - builds are relatively cheap
    - it can be pretty irritating for your opponent
    - great to hunt down those pesky Crusaders and most heavy healing builds
    -it has something very satisfying to hit your opponent's face with 100+ dmg hits


    That playstyle mean you won't attack much usually twice at max, you will spend most of your time building your dmg so gear that help pumping your dmg & increase your survavibility. Most of them are under 5000 as well wich is kinda budget friendly


    There is quite some choices when it comes to mains, each will have quite an impact on your build:

    Fanatic Jagged Dagger > 1850 > Great buget weap as it's special procs keep your boosts active downside is that you have to be hit

    Nightshade > 3900 > Great at pumping dmg since you won't use your main much with extra evade for survivability - one may go with Stalker Longsword > budget version but will lack the evasion

    Reforged Thug Blade > 5000 > Great for high evade builds & blend very well with Shadow Crystal, provide some evade as well - Thug Blade > for budget variants

    Wanderer Dagger > 3000 > Sacred Texts build only


    Not much choices here as options to pump your dmg are quite limited:

    Stalker Shield/Shiv > 3600/3500 > Both are the same dmg boosting wise. Shield give a bit more versatility as it may give improved survavibility, Shiv in the other hand may help give the last few dmg needed to finish off an opponent in some tight matchs

    Ancile > 8000 > Sacred Texts build only


    There is a bit of room to play with here though most serves survavibility purposes:

    Shadow Crystal > 2500 > Good deal between dmg and survavibility, best Thugs partner

    Flacara Violet > 4500 > Solid defensive item, the extra negated dmg will be welcomed when your evades fails you

    Golden Chessman > 5000 > Best option if your looking to boost your dmg

    Badge of Bravery > 5400 > Strong defensive option even more that you will spend all your time into your special state

    Heartstone > 4000 > Sacred Texts build only

    Sacred Texts > 19000 > Captain Obvious incoming

    2) Tokens
    Despite what some players may think, the fact you don't attack won't mean you're doing nothing and most of your game will rely on smart token use

    Tempo Tokens

    Corrosive Poison/Numbing Poison/Disarm/Recover

    They all are precious allies as they will help you buy time (and your running against a clock) you have to space them well & smartly.
    NEVER play one while another one is active as you want to gain the max tempo possible, try to save your Poisons tokens for when your opponent can start to use Chain Strikes to ruin/delay their combos & obviously use the Corrosives ones to reduce enemy's dmg.
    Recover should be use to increased your evade (with rare exceptions)

    Cheat Death

    is your usual life saver but can be used as meat for your Mutilate as well. Don't hesitate to discard them if your hand is full

    AP Boosters Tokens

    Quick Strike/Pickpocket/Vendetta

    While it may seem counterintuitive you have to keep them until late game (10ap) to help you play a big Mutilate.

    Pickpocket may be use early to negate opponent first turns

    Dmg Boosters Tokens


    Your bread and butter you have 2 of each wich mean you have 2 occasions to lend a killing blow (or you can split it into 2 attacks) you usually aim to play the biggest Mutilate. Ambush & Backstab are for the guaranteed big hits

    Poison Blade

    Your friendly common boosting token play them to empty your hand or as meat for Mutilate

    Utility Tokens


    Nothing but meat for Mutilate discard it if your hand is full


    Best used to pump out your Mutilate or when your opponent have stacked some buffs to help fasten the kill


    Help build your hand/good for pumping your Mutilate


      3) Perks

      Perk choice is relatively obvious, since you won't really attack except for the killing blow Cruelty & Mastery both sounds quite useless as they need you being offensive to be effective.
      Resilience is a natural choice punishing your opponents for attacking you by pumping your dmg

      4) Mulligan

      Try to keep your heavy dmg & ap boosting tokens so that you will be ready once you hit late game

      Discard the high costs & utility tokens in priority

      5) Strategy

      Early to late game you wont have much to do except buying you some time with your tempo tokens, don't hesitate to discard some spells if your not happy with your hand and try to prepare your biggest possible Mutilate

      Once you reach 10ap it's time to use all your AP boosters and costly/useless spells and topping them with your Mutilate. Except really bad luck you should be able to easily play a 10+ Mutilate

      From now on you have 2 choices, wait until you reach 50 dmg Ambush > attack > rinse & repeat (if you plan to go this way I advise you to keep some tempo tokens for your second building)

      Wait 'til you reach 100 dmg > Ambush > Enjoy your One Shot


        6) Matchups
        There is usually only two things that you will learn to fear > anti-defensive weapons and dispels.

        Witches > your best nightmare, they can easily dispel all your buffs twice wich spell game over for you + they will be in Focus Mind the whole match. Unless you're masochistic do yourself a favor & surrend - you can hope to bait them but even an half-decent Witch wont fall for such a trick

        Pirates > their Silver Bullets can be a real nuisance especially when they are Drunk you want to bait them out before playing your big boosters or make sure you launch your big hit in the same turn - if they run Brisingr or another anti def weap your dead meat

        Berserkers > their Thor's Hammer may not be such a nuisance (depending on your build) unless they are Enraged wich shouldn't happen much. There is only 2 of them... Try to bait them out before playing your biggest boosters.

        If they run anti defense (like Ghastly Axe) or heavy dispelling gear it's a loss for you

        Assasins > can be tricky, no dispels to worry about is the good news, but you will have to catch them out of Stealth or pray for your killing blow not to miss (especially if they are high evade ones), be cautious of their Blackout if you stack a long buff chain. As usual they will make short work of you if they run anti def gear + DoT will give you a run for your money

        Crusaders > Your favorite prey, they can't dual wield to pressure you, they can't naturally dispel you, their shield is useless thanks to Backstab & their healing abilities won't help them much against a 200+ dmg unblockable hit ^^ unless they run very specific equipments (wich happen to quite rare) there is nothing much they can do against you - enjoy make those pesky Cruzs suffer & despair

        Now go and enjoy one shotting your poor preys from rhe dark!

        Thanks to Earlomorton for help & support


          thank you for the ideas!
          I setup a one-shot assassin build, and It is really a pleasure to get rid of Sacred Text Crusaders, the ones with wanderer and pavise shield...
          Against other classes not so funny however, and absolutely not to use with witches ,:-) you are right.