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"The Salii assassin" an introduction to the SNS Sin (Ancile based)

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    "The Salii assassin" an introduction to the SNS Sin (Ancile based)

    Hello Everyone,
    In this guide we will talk about the Sin and about what may arguably be one of her best shields > the sacred Ancile

    The guide assume you already have some basic knowledge about Practice mode & gold farming techniques and is more suggestions on what you should look for instead of just copy/pasting.


    At first look Ancile may look like a trap item:

    - no special effects
    - not so great bonuses
    - decent but not great defense
    - quite expensive regarding the above

    So why is it so great?:

    - it's usable by mutiple classes (even if only the Sin can use it fully)
    - there is a good number of builds that can be made with it
    - decent def
    - only shield that give evade passive bonus
    - somewhat cheap compared to other end game items
    - it's free to use (wich is the best part about it)


    8000 is expensive for a newcomer & some other items you may look for are as well so it will require a bit of patience & farming during your journey.

    2.1) Valuable Items

    A bit of choice but nothing crazy, don't worry about spending gold on those as you will be able to fully resell them later


    Adamantium Sword > 1000 > Solid early game main.

    Legbiter > 1000 > More useful against dual wield & shield users.

    Cunning Mythril Dagger > 1000 > Good for token advantage.


    Adamantium Shield > 1000 > Solid early Shield.


    Polished/Blur Amulet > 1000 >Dmg/Def & evade bonuses are always good for Sins.

    Ring of Shadows > free > Dmg, more evade & on demand stealth mode + it's a free gift... What else?...

    2.2) Strategy

    Nothing much fancy here, you will have to learn how to properly space your spells, how to build your dmg & when to go in/out of stealth.


    From this point onward you have a choice to do... Will you walk the path of Cruelty or the one of Mastery?

    Cruelty > Builds are usually very aggressive and don't require much thinking to be played well & you will have an easier time leveling up your perk - Difficulty come from your items as most of the expensive ones are on the expensive side.

    Mastery > More items choice + they are quite cheap wich is a good new if you tend to be short of gold but you will have an harder time leveling your perk (you will need to climb the rank) & builds required more careful playing.

    So, if you're here you probably have some sadistic instincts to satisfy... Though sad news for you you're the one that will suffer as this road demand expensive items wich will ask you to spend some time farming. It's the path of aggo players that loves harrassing their opponents with numerous attacks - it also have some farming builds options.

    3.1.1) Valuable Items


    Lost Gladius > 9500 > It will serves you a long way - 2 attacks + shield for 2ap will be your bread & butter combo.

    Blade of Ra > 13000 > another great weap, that goes perfectly with your shield.


    The 7th Seal > free > Well rounded stats, special isn't that great but if you don't have anything better for the slot.

    Arcenstone > 3000 > Some small bonuses and a good way to farm gold.

    Draupnir > 3000 > Great if you look to build up some gold.

    Blood Bargain > 6000 > Big AP starting pool is aggro builds best friend but a risky item.

    Muscaria Brew > 12000 > Good at pumping dmg in some conditions.

    Mirror of Ra > 15000 > Great raw stats with a goog mix between defense & offense at the cost of a small nuisance.

    Medal of Resilience 3 > 15000 > Better than Mirror of Ra in every aspects - lower level ones may be used for budget builds.

    3.1.2) Strategy

    You want to be very agressive, weap attacks are usually your priority over tokens.
    Try to use your Recover to heal as you won't really spend enough time in Stealth to get the most of them and your Corrosive Poison to add to your DPS with their DoT option.
    Before you get a MoR you may want to use Resilience as perk.


      Here's the wise guy in search for challenges as this isn't the easiest way to play but for sure is rewarding and still on the + side items are cheaper. It's the path of patient players who likes mindplaying with their opponents & slowly killing them with the help of some big hits.

      3.2.1) Valuable Items


      Reforged Thug Blade > 5000 > A solid main that will boost itself on evade - standard Thug Blade can be used for budget builds.

      Ishtar Embrace > 5600 > Excellent defensive weapon with it's Stealth activation & bonus to evade.

      Muzrub > 5800 > a decent offensive weap thanks to it's multi attack ability.


      Ring of Shadows > free > Stealth activations, some useful stats + it's free making it even more valuable to players looking for budget items.

      Shadow Crystal > 2500 > Evasion and dmg packed into one? You don't need more.

      Ghostly Charm > 2500 > Prolly the best Stealth enabler in the game.

      Void Talisman > 6000 > Dmg booster, the higher your perk the more effective it will be.

      Medal of Resilience 3 > 15000 > Strong stats & great special - some budget options as well.

      3.2.1) Strategy

      You may want to restrain on your attacks and spend some time in Stealth at least to ensure that you can go back in the shadows without having to drop a turn - building a big hit is a good idea to but beware of dispels.
      Token wise Recover is best used to improve your evade chances than healing a few HP, Corrosive Poison reducing dmg effect is also a good way to buy you time as well as extra def if you are caught out of Stealth.


        HA HA!
        'caught you!

        Like the Moon, the Hadou or even the Force everything have a dark side and Ancile have is own.
        Using such items will instantly grant you the most hainous comments from other players & you will be whipped on the public place to have dared played with such disgusting powers

        3.3.1) Valuable Items


        Wanderer Dagger > 3000 > Incredible drawing machine with some welcomed healing capacities.

        Wanderer Sword > See Wanderer Dagger.


        Heartstone > 4000 > Let you change your hand into an incredible toolbox but you won't really be able to "calculate" your moves anymore. Stats are meh.

        Sacred Texts > 19000 > pretty good & balanced stats & a nice special to boot.

        3.3.2) Strategy

        If you're planning to use builds using items from this section then you should know what you do ^^ [/SPOILER]


          Thanks to:



          For their help & suggestions.

          ​​​​​​​Hope you'll enjoy rocking your sacred shield