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How to beat the Witch in the tutorial

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    How to beat the Witch in the tutorial

    When I fight the witch in the tutorial I always lose, she gets down to about 10 hp and so then does a drain spell that damages me and heals her for 10-15 and then beats me. Any advice on how to beat her?

    Witch goes into their special mode, Focused Mind, whenever the opponent goes into their's, so I would actually recommend NOT using the Berserker Charm item (the one on the left)
    Use the Grindstone to boost your damage when you have spare AP and she's NOT in Parry stance, no point risking losing it.
    Simply focus on attacking with your weapons as often as you can, adding boosts from tokens whenever you have spare AP for the turn.

    Probably not the best advice, but works for me most of the time - the tokens you and the opponent get are random, so you can keep retrying and hope you get a better hand, or she gets a bad hand...
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