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1 week old and top 100 with OP setup

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  • 1 week old and top 100 with OP setup

    Just started playing, but I've yet to come across an opponent to last a full 10 rounds against my setup. Top 10 here I come ;) I've only loss 2 matches while using this setup (both due to a separate trinket I tried out)

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    ya I just played you. Decks like these are like miracle rogue in hearthstone. Around turn 5-6 you can just start cycling through your hand and play 5-6 cards a turn, eventually filtering through a small 25 card deck and gaining huge amounts of life in the process+shutting down your opponent in the process so you can continue cycling unretaliated the following turn. Decks like these in my opinion should be nerfed to the ground since they offer no counterplay and can go off about 60-70% of the time and you just win.


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      Just met you too. Hello?!
      She's like my old witch.
      How did you like my new one? I changed quickly hoping for some witch on witch action but you'd gone over to a quite nasty berserker. I do like the beastie, he's mean.


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        How embarrassing.
        That wasn't you. Almost the same setup though.
        Nothing to see here...


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          Daddadook, we played earlier, witch and berserker. Good matches, I felt bad playing against you with that witch build though. I honestly only use it to rank up on bots. I liked your version better though, more bursty and less rng reliant. I wish there was some way to distinguish match making between players and bots. I have some fun builds for pvp but when you are facing the 3k bots it seems only the more annoying OP builds are a good match.


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            Top 100 not hard to do when there is less then 300 active players


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              Yeah, I only started playing diligently this week to get more familiar with the title and handle incoming cases (I had only done the tutorials before Monday). I was rank 20 when I signed off last night. Top 100 isn't tough with such a small pool.