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    I have beaten easily the practice IA but the witch in expert mode, as both players are witches and are focused minded, she advanced in the game begin to heal and heal and play tokens and play tokens at low cost again and recovering AP and healing and playing more tokens,...

    I even think she cheats me her mastery perk even activates more than 50% I thought.

    I have tried several builds (not very good ones as my main characters are berserker and crusader) and with a lot of games the nearest I have been to win has been with she at around 35HP but normally she is above 100hp when kills me.

    Should I copy at least the Arcane Storm Crystal? maybe too Archmage Signet? I would want to beat her without spent money, maybe I don't know how to play witch? In fact I don't use her a lot neither I'm good with assassins, still searching for a build that works but the problem is i don't know to play tokens it seems. Berserker and Crusader style are more natural to me.

    So can anyone give me some clues to beat her?

    edited: finally beated with items already had, staff of sages, medal of cruelty III, weapon master relic and changuing perk to mastery
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      KTs initial post is still good info for first time players. Some of the follow on comments are dated, but may have some good details still. I'll try to add some additional up to date details if I have time.